23 Nov 2009

Interpreting someone's words

Those smiling days are there in the heart, but it seems so distant
How the life has changed in matter of days
You lived in a closed routine life
Happy and content with the things as they were
Worked hard and had the fun as per the wishes
But this shy gal is so aloof inside the heart
Never want worried and concerned faces and words
Every moment has potential to open your eyes
To look things in a different perspective
To think about the life in a new way than ever before
Every moment has potential to open your eyes
To make you feel life in a new direction
What is life and why I am living for
Life is difficult not because of the pain you endure
But the thoughts about what others are doing for you
Dear words can heal the pain, if you take it with heart
Care that you get from all is your privilege, it’s not a gift
Some day you could heal others when god wishes your help
You went through that immense pain, but soon you will find joy
There is no need to feel bad about what you endured
Its just the test of god, and you have passed it
Your beauty in mind is intact, though outer one may have changed
Beauty of your life glows only when you live with a smile
Your laugh is hiding somewhere looking for a chance to burst
These are agonising days, quite hard to move it on
You want care, not the sympathies
Life sucks big time when there is nothing to cheer about
Its marvellous to what you can see, When you open your eyes
Its is marvellous only when you see the right things
A frustrated mind can only show, distorted images to the eyes
Your happiness lies beneath your heart, just open it
With a closed, mind you find life as bitchy
You will find yourself in moods, which keeps you away from all
It gives encouragement to keep you in a closed world
You may feel, others should not need you
Break those chains and free yourself, feel the sunshine
The god made this life inter-related, that you can’t remain aloof
You are not a burden to anyone, as you feel that way, some times
When you say, you are fine, I can tell you,
You are not at all fine inside the depth of your heart
As more you try to fake your smile, more it looks sad
You cant help those, what happened
What you can do is to face the challenges with a smile
Its not for keeping other happy, but to keep yourself cheered
Life if beautiful, only when there is happiness
Happiness does not come through negative thoughts
Happiness comes through the bright vision about life around you
Shed those thoughts from mind, and see the life in a new way
You will find everything colourful as ever
As you have to understand, when you are down
Those around you will also be down inside their hearts
Like you, they may not show it outside
Your happiness can spring joy to many eyes and hearts

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