23 Nov 2009

Awaiting death and life

With hopes one goes to hospital
To have the beloved recover
And ,raise back to the glory of life
Not always there is luck backing up
Some times doctors have to spell
Harsh facts that no one likes to hear
Even with the advanced care and technology
Hearing the words that chances are low
Any thing can happen, be prepared
Or we can’t tell anything until some hours
Hope for the best, and let relatives informed
Looking through the glass
At someone gasping for life in a ventilator
It stops the emotions for a while
All that comes to mind will be
The good and bad memories of the past
The anxiety of the worst fear grips the eyes with tears
Trembling lips immerses itself with prayers
Hoping that god will lend a respite
Sitting outside the ICU
Worried about the outcomes
Thoughts about future looms with never felt anxiety
When days pass some relief of survival arises
Yet the fear refuses to depart
It’s a wait for a life and death
Minutes passes as slow as ever it could be
Every passing moment reminds of some landmark
Wishing all the way down inside the heart
Not to receive news of liberation of a soul
Waiting with a tired body and a weakened mind
To receive a good news of recovery
When ever a doctor or nurse comes out
Wakes up and runs like a kid with curiosity
Just for asking if any improvement is there in condition
Even if the knowledge of the condition is fresh in mind
Every time while looking through the glass panel of ICU
Sharpens to see if there is any positive move
When goes inside the ICU always heart pounds
Even if the condition is getting better
While seeing others suffer around the loved one
Only when some words are minced
The cheers of new hope arises in the mind
Yet the chances are always there to go wrong any second
It’s like walking through a tight rope
With cushions on one side for safe landing
And a trench awaiting a journey towards eternity
ICU seems like a heaven with a door to hell always opened
And those who serves there are life savers
More of angels sent by the god to enlighten the hopes
it’s a fact that they gives their best
But its not in their hands, always an element of luck plays the game
Miracles happens, so does disasters
Sleepless nights and tiring days never deters
The love for someone who is fighting for the life
Only visual that keeps one awake is the image
Of loved one walking out of that heaven with a smile
Some times the very thought of coffin coming out
Reminds the route to hell and endless tears follows
Dreams and nightmares mars the wait for that life and death
A wait that all not want to have in their life

 Nithin R S

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