23 Nov 2009

Five Months

Five months, a journey of sorts
From a death to another death
Two souls left the nest
Leaving other three in a state of sorrow
It took months to recover from the first loss
But, fate took them back to the native place
Mourning again with sympathies all around
The year started with a new promise
Just to see the worst nightmare
With just four days in to the year
Now when it seemed life is back on track
Thunder strike with fervour
Now feelings are lost just like a frozen lake
There are no prayers left in the minds
Many memories and many unfulfilled dreams
Words are there with condolence
But all that they need is some peace
To move away from the haunting place
Wherever they turn, it is the absence
That strikes in minds
It may take another five months
To embark on a new life
Adjusting to the new needs and aspirations
In the ever absence of loved ones
On every new step, there will be remembrance
If they were alive, they would have appreciated
Or would have stopped
But, that’s the way life moves on
One can only wish, but can’t stop destiny.

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