23 Nov 2009

Forgetting you

I am leaving you alone
As you wanted me to do
But I donno how to forget you
As you told me to do
It will be a favor for me from you
If you could tell me the way
To forget all the memories regarding you
Those nice times and low times

You know it well
How it will be for me, to forget you
You know me a little too well
That’s why you could get away
Hurting me with wars of words
Many a time than once

Virtual world isn’t insane
The relations aren’t faked up
But when you can’t see it
Why there is any

I wish if there is some telepathy
So that I could enter your heart
And let you know what I feel
But when you are so determined
To hide beyond my reach
I am left alone with endless tears
Even those tears look unreal for you
As you are busy rejoicing your new life
With your new found glory hunter
Flying through the skies of dreams
With no trace of me in your heart

Why am I the only one to miss you?
When you don’t miss me an inch?
Why should I go through this agony?
When you got the power to forget
Why can’t you share it with me?


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