23 Nov 2009

Free fall

Falling freely from a height
With the wings of dreams cut off
And the eyes filled with tears
Yet they are rooted to the top
Saying to the heart,i will climb again
Every step i lost with this fall
Every fall remainds one thing
Its not the end of the world
There is still so many steps to climb
One door may have closed
But still there are doors awaiting
to be found out
Thinking different is the way out
When one plan bombs
It shows its not worth trying again
its about striping out the flaws
With a different perspective
The pain of fall is the best medicine
To energise the heart to climb again
The every single step with determination
Not to fall again.
Never to let anyone push you down
Its about the dreams,
its about the will of a life time
To be able to claw back
From the brink of tears of loss
To the very smile of success
Once the steps are conquered again.

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