23 Nov 2009

Hand of god

They are messiahs
who thrive on prayers of millions
who follow them with raw fanatism
They are magicians
Expected to produce wonders
With the ball on football pitch
Every time they take the field
They can devastate any team
With their driblling and trickery
They can kill off the games
With stunning goals
Yet,at the theatre of football
They cheated infront of thousands
With the "Hand of god"
Nailing the hopes of opponents
And writing themselves into record books
As the saviors of entire nation
Breaking the hearts of those
Who outplayed the saviors teams
Yet booted out with goals of disgrace
With no remorse feeling
The saviors basked themselves in glory
Shame on rules,
Shame on fairplay
Shame on trust
Cheaters win glories
With "Hand of god"
While the authorities sleep
Favoring the disgraced saviors

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