23 Nov 2009

Heart Valley

In the green valley,
Where the emotions live,
The dreams take birth.

And, those dreams becomes
Ambitions and aspirations one day,

We always sows our likes,
In that fair valley.

Down the valley,
There is a graveyard,
We bury our memories!

We play the golf of life,
In this well shaven course,
The balls used are our emotions,
The clubs used are aspirations of our life,
The caddies are our hopes,
“And, the holes are our destination”!

The overcastted monsoon cloud,
That always looms over the valley.

Sometimes, it rains,
With the droplets of pure affection.

Some times, it lashes,
As the monstrous droplets,
Of, hatred!

Sometimes under par,
Sometimes below par,
Our life progresses like this,
In this valley.

The birdies are our achievements,
The bogeys are our failures.

There is a beautiful garden,
Where the souls of dear ones live,
They always remain in the garden,
As, well-accustomed guests.

The flowers in that garden,
Always, smiles like a newborn baby,
The rain drops brightens,
Its silvery look.
And, it smells like,
Divine drinks in the heaven.

The feelings in this valley,
Gets off from it,
When the climate of life changes.

The gentle wind blows,
With, the sweetest music,
In this world.

The brightness of love is,
The torchbearer and the pathfinder,
Of the humanity.

And, it survives,
Only due to this valley,
The silent valley of souls.

The victories of life are,
The festivals of this valley.

The losses are the mourning,
In the valley.

The depressions and hatred,
Were, frozen in the craters,
In the plain-land adjacent,
To the valley.

In this valley devils and angels,
Lives together and fights each other,
And this famous fight in this valley,
Decides the life of the humanity.

And this valley is nothing,
But, heart valley,
“Yes the heart.”


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