23 Nov 2009


If you were detained in the hell for a while, what would you do?
Would you try to escape from that grueling landscape?
Would you like to walk around and see the sights in the hell?
If you were alone by heart, with no known people around
What would you feel then?
Would you feel that you have been jailed for trillions of years?
Would you feel that you have been punished for over enjoying the life?
If you see devils around you with spears in their hands
Their faces may look ugly and dreadful
Groaning with anger, singing and dancing with an ugly smile
Then start teasing you with their ferocious egos
What would be your emotions?
Would you cry with fear?
Would you close your eyes in rage?
Would you run with fearsome heart for cover?
Would you try to fend off the devils?
Would you scream for help?
If you see people in swamp with only their heads above the mud
And you see a green pasture besides the swamp
With no other way to get there, other than running over their heads
What would you do?
If you see hands asking for help with a pathetic voice of despair
What would you do?
If you see a door to escape from hell to heaven
And you can hear the pleas from all behind you to help
Would you stay back for all others?
Would you try to save yourself from the misery?

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