23 Nov 2009

Insecured mind

When things go wrong,
It seems, every other issue popping up,
At the very same wrong time!
A mess of a situation to be in,
Wrangling the mind, with tide of agony.
Confused state of mind,
Makes it fight like a warrior without a cause,
Makes it give up like a defeated soldier,
Makes it sad as if it lost something big,
When there is, nothing lost at all!
Senseless emotions make these happen
Brain seems to stop thinking
It’s the volley of emotions
That wages a war against an imaginary opponent
Consequently, the fight is located towards
those who are closer,
Creates small issues from nowhere
Only to hurt those around
Words becomes uncontrollable asset
Just like an erring missile, that lost its direction
Building tensions
Insecurity inspires to take on challenges
Without knowing what lies ahead
Just takes on every obstacle
As if, there is no other way to secure


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