23 Nov 2009

Last Advice

Till some months back,
I had someone to rely on for advice
When ever I felt short on gas to fight on
Or lost somewhere down the road
Confused to choose what next to do

Somehow, he used to see farthest path
And used to warn me to take action
Somehow, always I listened, never acted
Only to learn my faults through downfalls
He never were angry, just gave the nod to go on

Now, deep down inside I want direction
But feels helpless, emotionally drained sometimes

Yet there is something
I could take everywhere I go
Some words from the heart for me
From my dad

I never thought it would be for the last time
We will be discussing about future
Never thought it will be his last advice for me

Finally I learned, why he let me do the way I wanted
To learn the path to success from my own
To get the urge from my heart itself to fight on
From the falls and the pain that comes along with it
Many a time I blamed him for restricting me
Now I understand, why he did
Knowing me very well, he didn’t leave me alone
Gave me the advice of a life time
To get on with what ever I endure in
Never to give up on the midway as I always did
As the failures and setbacks are just round the corner
Don’t bother about it, keep working harder
One day you will succeed.
A last piece of advice for me


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