23 Nov 2009

Love Beggar

Is love an illusion?

Spirituality seems so strong
Brings some belief to heart

All those philosophies aren’t right always
When taken out of context
It can leave mind confused

There is some truth in life
You can’t term it as illusion

Craving for love isn’t a crime
Trying to get isn’t a bad thing
Seeking love isn’t love begging
If one cant understand this thing
All forms of happiness are just myth

Expressing love isn’t dramatization
Open your eyes and heart
See the feelings with peace

Spiritual essence has blinded you
Making you running away
From the very truth of life

Words do have some depth
If presumptions are there
In your mind
Then every expression will seem negative

Tearing apart the heart
To express love isn’t feasible
Life is so precious

If you cant listen to the words of heart
Then whose words you gonna listen?

Those philosophies gonna leave you
In the lurches of dark sadness someday
You will be too late to save yourselves

Convincing you isn’t a way out
As you have closed your heart
In anticipation!!!!!

All those good times
You just forgot in a moment

All the smiles vanished
All the promises burned out
All the good hopes flushed out

It’s more of like enmity
Leaving friendship to dustbin

Some dreams are there
To remain unfulfilled

Some day you will realize
All those you believed were wrong

There isn’t any love beggar
Around you to bother
There isn’t any clout of tears
To follow you
There isn’t any frustrated heart
To haunt you

Its only your misunderstanding
That love is an illusion

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