25 Nov 2009

A Morning Journey

A Morning journey
Rare one for me
Given i rarely wake up early
Anticipation of events
Kept my mind in a state of excitation
The very thoughts about sceneries
the people whom i might meet
Instilled kind of eagerness for it

There was slight rain splashing unrelently
Even before sun rose
Unlike other days,i woke up early
The cold breeze endeared me
As i rarely experience it
I thought about a nostalgic journey
Which i could keep in mind for years
As it doesn't come more often

I Reached the railway station at time,
With my mom and brother
There is rush in the train
As it is a working day
With people travelling to get
to there offices and educational institutions
I got a seat beside a window
I had my daily dose of newspaper
As the train started moving
I engaged myself in sight seeing
The lakes,rivers,paddy fields
tracts of greenery and other landmarks
It just filled my idle mind
With enthusiasm to enjoy
The mystic beauty of morning

A journey in a train is exciting as ever
The chance to be with total strangers
Its indeed a joy for me
Listening to the untamed jokes
numerous debates accompanied with
Laughters and tough voices
It just adds up flavor to the beautiful morning

From stand still position
To a good running speed
The transition of the train gives an illusion
As if places are moving backwards
than the train moving forward

Rain drenched trees and plants
Water logged canals and plains
People walking aside the track
Everything is joyous to watch
The very sound of running wheels
and that of the engine
It is something unique to listen

The scenary of unused lands
Evoking sense of anger
Reminding the potential of a land mass

From the hassles of a city life
a journey through the silent tracts of land
With the widespread bliss of nature in background
Birds flying in search of food
People snailing towards daily routine
To be idle and watching as if in a holiday
A short journey
But a traveller in me is joyous
dreaming about another journey

Nithin R S

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