23 Nov 2009

My Expression

I just love to talk a lot,
But, no one is there to listen,
The real things, which I want to say.

I love to listen a lot
But there are not many,
Who, love to say what I want to listen.

Yet I talk a lot and listen a lot!

Words are fluttered out,
Just for the sake of fun.

But, then, there are many to listen,
Over the time I learned,
How to be an avid talker,
To give fun as well as boredom,
For those who are with me.

I wish to talk, about unknown planets,
I wish to talk, about the cloned generation,
I wish to talk, about the global warming,
I wish to talk, about clean energy,
I wish to talk, about farm revolution,
I wish to talk, about developmental disparity,
I wish to talk, about future of machines,
I wish to talk, about everything under sun,

“But no one is there for listening”!
Debating with me, over those issues.
All believe, I am just a sentimental talker,
Who, just keeps on juggling with words.

How many days I talked to myself?
How many days, I wrote down about it?
It’s countless!

I am left with thoughts,
Eagerness to listen to those,
Who want to talk about similar stuff,

Once I had some friends,
With whom I used to talk with,
About everything that excites,
Umpteen debates, over various view points.

Football that’s one common issue,
That gave me a platform,
To listen and talk a lot,
Fight with others over, outburst of passion,
In a friendly manner with all fun,
That’s why I love talking about it,.

All the time
Over and over again!

Nithin .R.S

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