23 Nov 2009

Night Rain

its a beautiful night.....
where is the moon and stars?
clouds did u hide them from me?
oh you wind..
why are you waving fiercly?
now that i m listening to u
the tiny miny droplets of rain
how did u learn the music?
love works in mysterious ways and friendship courts the night ... rain
brings waves of cleaning and renewal to the face of life
rain can bring freshness into extinct hearts
revitalising thoughts in a positive way
rain can wash away all those negativeness
just like as if nothing happened ever
oh that wind that drags the rain across the sky
daring all who get near to feel the utter darkness that lies within
whipping the world into a vortex of feelings and emotions
bringing lost and lonely souls to the apex
swirling them in a flow of retrospection
in search of a brighter light of hope
to find ways to escape to a shelter
where peace is awaiting to heal them
drumming rain drenching the world in colors
colors of brite and light matching piece by piece
into the darkness of night ... falling falling
unsure and unattached falling .....
when seen with heart,even in darkness
one can see those beautiful color fall
as if its a heavenly flourishing of blessings
for giving salvation to every molecule of nature
souls peek from behind the fast moving clouds
feeling the rain .... dreaming of life
hope and happiness
may this rain bring resounding magic
spreading waves of happiness all across
changing the way life looks like
a welcome change for the lost souls

This poem is written in association with my friend Katyayani.We had great time in writing this more of an interactive poetry. Images thanks to farm4.static.flickr & ikigaiway

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Amanda said...

Amazing what dual writing can produce...I have just written one together with Kavita too...so much fun!! Thanks for linking with Potluck my friend xx

Jingle said...

rocking talent...
way to go!

Nithin R S said...

Amanda, well i would like to a dual poetry with you. I like that format.Thanks for reading. :)

Jingle, thanks for reading :)