24 Nov 2009

Online Friend

Miles away from your town
Too far to visit
But so close to heart
and always there with you
When ever you are in need
A new digital age friend
or say online friend

Met somewhere in the big internet highway
At some forums or chat rooms
While time passing around
Starts with a hi,hello etc
Then slowly gets into
each others personal lives
Like two people separated by a giant screen

Words,speaks for itself
Before the voice and faces
Starts feeling each other

Without even meeting in real
In short span of time
Friendship grows like a big tree
Rooted inside the hearts as a part of life
Meeting every day through messengers
or mails or social networks
Sharing each others experiences
Shelling out all the jokes and laughter together

Online friend,
Someone who lets you speak,your heart out
Expressing the hidden pain
Unravelling the glories,memories and dreams
Unravelling the plans for the future
Some times like a mentor
Gives vital advises,when you go wrong
Sometimes like a peace keeper
Keeps you calmer
When anger gets hold of you
Some times become sister or brother
Sharing intense bond of love
True to be someoneone whom
You can depend upon
Friendship of souls

Excitement and anxiety
While waiting for the first glimpse
of the dear online friend
Its like awaiting for a beautiful present
Listening to the voice
Gives the feeling that
The distance is nothing much
Friend is out there hundreds of miles away
While watching through the webcam
It feels like,he or she is right beside you

In the comfort of home
During nights and free times
Now the world is bigger
With online friends filling the space
Hanging out together
In some cool virtual parties
3d chats lets meeting together
Like in animated movies
Sipping coffee together
Or walking together on beach
Or simply talking inside home
With cutting edge softwares
The possibilities of fun with friends are enormous

Online friend is someone
Who lives so far
But keeps you on track
Through words of magic
Consoles when tears breaks down
on your cheeks
Tries every card in the world
to cheer you up
Spends hours after hours
A chemistry that is undefinable

Now,online friend is just like family members
or the real friends you get to see
Someone who is a link to another society
Breaking the shackles of misbeliefs
And spreading the message of togetherness
No matter where they are.

Nithin R S

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jyoti said...

coooollll composition....