23 Nov 2009

Sachin Tendulkar

This is apt for this guy,
A little master
A master blaster
Or say champion of champions

Some thinks
Cricket is a religion
Hence, he is a god!

Who is he?
Sachin Tendulkar!

Icon in every sense
Role model for millions
Class act for the traditionals
After bradman
He is the most noticed cricketer
Who wields the willow
To terrorize the fielders
And bowlers.
Smacking ball all across the park

The marvelous straight drive,
With a punch!
Cover drive of some elegance
Square cutting with vigor
Leg glances are visual treats
Pulling and hooking
To put bowlers to back foot
Paddling the ball precisely
Or innovating to get runs

Year after year
From a 16 year old, wonder
This genius shouldered the burden
Of Indian cricket

Memorable hundreds
Numerous fifties
But it’s his style of batting
The consistency and level of
That’s makes him so special
With his wily spin
Producing exodus of turn
Surprising all with the ball too
Breaking records is a habit
For him.
Be it for number of runs scored
Centuries, or missed centuries

Millions pray for seeing him
Stroking the ball with class
All the time
From kids to grand old
In India, this is the man
Who all worship.

Magical treasure for Indian cricket
Who gave soul for the team
Creating victories.
Shoring one end to counter attack

Will always remain in heart
For those memorable knocks.
For those scintillating shots
And for that mesmerizing smile.
The true gentleman cricketer

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