23 Nov 2009

Self-destruction a self-realization

It’s hard to believe where I am now!
Not long ago, I used to work so late,
Reveled in the thrill of busy schedule,
The deadlines and the stress related to it,
Working up with all the zest.
But where is my work now?
Handful of projects and clients
Opportunities of a lifetime, for which always I dreamed
I can’t believe how I messed it all!
Whomever I introduced, reaping major success
But what happened to me the mentor?
Don’t know how I lost the touch,
Don’t know how I lost the heart to fight on,
Monetary losses are forgettable, not the mental agony
Mind is questioning the soul all the time
Why the hell you lost your way?
Can you ever reach that pinnacle again?
Laziness and complacency, the double-edged sword
That can ruin the person into a loser in no time
Without giving time to recover
“Learn from mistakes and move on”
Life offers a second chance, start from the basics
Plan a target and execute it with intense
That’s the buzzword for the success!


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