26 Nov 2009

Sell Your Trust for One cent

Learn this lesson,anytime
You may fall from the grace
Then,every bit of your honesty will become just a piece of trash

It takes just matter of words to have your value degraded
Just when you talk sensible,pointing out the harsh facts
So,always be nice to all
Fake that you are supporting,just to remain trustworthy
That's how it's gonna work,now

Don't ever bother to advice,even when you foresee things
Cos,you gonna be treated unwanted
For being honest from the depth of your heart
If you advice to avert something,
with proof to substantiate it forcefully
All those nice times with your close ally might vanish
As bunch of sad memories

You will wonder,what I have done !
What shall i do to prove my trust?
Is it wrong to tell harsh truths?
Isn't there value for my trust?

It's amazing to be the untruthful
Just for being rude with words
There is no second chance to prove
Cos,all that matters is being nice

Its better
You sell your trust for one cent
Atleast you will get someone
Who will trust you for that price
Cos,when it's given for free
Your trust will have no value
So,sell your trust for one cent

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