23 Nov 2009

Serve or Quit ,indian parliamentarians

We the public aren't fools
But you consider us as fools,let it be
Cos we elect each of you
We watch your every step
Through the medias,
which cover your shameless mediocrity
How long will you remain unchanged?
Its a question to all the politicians,
their beloved leaders and fanatic followers
When people dont have means to
fight against the rising prices
When the people are struggling
to travel through the pothole filled roads
during the monsoon,
You are all trying to cover up the past
In the name of some idiotic leakage
inacted by sensation hungry media
fighting at the centre of parliament
Wasting precious crores of rupees
contributed by common people aka taxpayers
You become an member of parliament once
and you get pensions and other benefits
for the rest of the lives.
Do you remember the voters?
Yes the fools who voted you to parliament
To speak for us,as we couldnt be there
You all are mere representatives of us
Yet you are acting like kings
Forgetting your duties,that we gave you
We put our trust in you,but you are betraying us
Wake up you morons, don't take us for granted
You cant attend every meeting in parliament
You know how to speak in a rally
But somehow your tongue gets tied up
When you are inside parliament
You think about only your pocket
The telephone allowances,travelling allowances
You travels at our expense,its not your birth right
Its your previliege,that we gave you
You have reservations against saving money
When our economy is struggling
You have seen only deep pockets of rich
The common people are struggling
Can you do anything for them?
You know only to organise rallys and bandhs
Against every other issue,without doing anything
Which could solve the real problem
You know well to create smoke screen
of activism,saying we are fighting against government
Dont forget we are watching you
We know your acting inside and outside parliament
If you cant attend the parliamentary sessions
and participate in important debates
Why are you hanging to your membership?
You stalls the proceedings over silly problems
Have you ever counted the losses that you cause
When you stall proceedings in parliament
Those lost money could have wiped out tears
of thousands of poor people
If you cant help in the functioning of the institution
For the sake of these fools
Forgo your daily allowance for that day
If you cant attend the sessions,quit the position
Let someone else take your place
If you cant discuss and find solutions
for the issues affecting common people
Leave the space and stop acting as social servers
You are just actor who fold hands for vote
And goes to Delhi to amass wealth
You know how to market
even the smallest project you undertake
with the MP fund that you've got
Then,why dont you raise our issues
In parliament with all your might
You got our support,hence you are there
If you cant serve our needs,just quit and walk away
Go and serve some those leaders you worship
For the god's sake,don't come for asking vote again!
Its a shame that when people are suffering,
you can find time to fight out some sensational news
Give us the right to call back all the members
who don't discharge their duty,
Law must change,either serve or perish
There should be ban on those lazy bones
who get all the luxury in the name of people
Brothers and sisters ,lets come together
This is the time for us to act
Either they should work,or we should slap them out
from the political world
They arent any leaders
We are the real leaders
We spend our effort to earn money to feed ourselves
These politicians feed on us,saying that they serves us
Realise,power is with us,
Without us they are nothing
Stop giving money to the parties
Which does nothing for the public
They show political strength to quell
the public uprising
We are the majority,they are just minority
If they need vote,they should show
What they have done in concrete
for the welfare of public
so either serve or get out of our parliament
We sent you on our behalf
You have no right to abuse our trust
Serve or Quit ,indian parliamentarians

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