28 Jul 2010


I am lost,
In the wilderness of thoughts.
I searched for a shore,
While swimming through,
the ocean of thoughts.
To settle down in a hideout,
To build the ship of a life time,
And then, to embark on a journey,
For conquering an ultimate horizon
I found a shore,
But it’s too far away!
The currents dragged me away,
My unrelenting efforts took me a bit farther,
Only to be lashed out further back.
Every setback augured me,
To fight back and not to give up.
Every forward movement,
Thundered an excitement inside my heart
Giving some energy to fight on,
In tandem with rising expectation.
Are my expectations too much?
I wondered!
But realistically where am I?
Neither drowning in the ocean,
Nor reaching the shore.
Floating like a wooden block,
With only tides as final source of hope.
However, tides are getting ruder now,
Resisting all my efforts to move forward
Shore is smiling,
Yet yelling,
It is screaming at me
You are an intruder,
Hence, you aren’t welcome!
The beautiful shore is enticing,
But, it’s harder for me
To reach anywhere near it.
I wish the wind cease to flow,
So that tides secedes from my path.
But what shall I do?
To convince the shore,
That I am not an intruder!
When there is no welcome,
The shore will be inhospitable,
To really weave the dreams,
Or, for strengthening my aims.
May be the ocean can do a favor for me!
It can submerse the shore,
To encroach the inlands,
Then I can reach that forbidden land
With the power of tides
Otherwise, it can get away
Leaving behind more area for the shore
Sparing me rooted to the ground
Then I can walk with ease towards my destiny
It’s harder for me to conceive the fact,
That shore is so near, yet so far.
It’s not a lost battle yet,
Time and tide will change,
I will somehow,
Make it to the shore, soon!

I wrote this poem couple of years back. I've entered this poem in  pleasantly-disturbed-thursdays-vol-7 blog carnival. Please visit to read others writings. Image courtesy the colonnadeinn .


Luisa Doraz said...

I am glad you shared this lovely poem of hope and life. :) Hope your summer is going well. :)

Nithin R S said...

Here it is rainy season and its going on great. Have a great day :)

HisFireFly said...

Yes, you will find your shore, in His time. What a beautiful photo too!

Duane Scott said...

Time and tide will change,
I will somehow,
Make it to the shore, soon!

I liked that. :)

Helen said...

I hope you get some smooth sailing soon.

Brian Miller said...

i imagine if you hold on to that hope you will make it...wonderful write...

moondustwriter said...

If I were a piece of driftwood that is how I would feel.
As a person to feel that adrift and alone is harsh.

Nicely penned

Great to meet you and have the opportunity to read you fine poetry

Smiles from the Moon

Alexandra Garland said...

Life is a journey and you captured it so well in this piece! Nice work!

Nithin R S said...

Thanks to all of you for reading this poetry. Glad that you liked it. This is one of my favorite poems that i wrote. Smiles to all of you for the encouragement :)Have a great weekend. May god bless you all.