23 Nov 2009

Silence of vampire

Seconds, minutes, hours pass by silently,
When you are not around,
With the hope about a bright smile
That could enlighten my soul again

The silence in its best speaks your language
From nowhere, gives a feeling that
You are somewhere near, yet hiding
As if, your mood has turned upside down

When I know, that you are there
Sitting idle silently, in your own world
To calm your heart down, I feel like
Why couldn’t you let me calm you down?

It’s quite agonising, to be here waiting
Itching to talk to you, and you remain silent
I know you need some silence, some loneliness
When you feel frustrated with something

Now I understand the meaning
Of your glorified silence, it’s fake
Your silence is a smoke screen for hiding
Your secret cheers with someone else

Lies, lies and more lies behind your silence
I could see it all like a flash back without a narrator
Deception is the weapon of cunning soul
That never is happy with anything

It needs the sugar of excitement covered
In a nice manner which is nothing but fake
As life is nothing but a source to enjoy
Why would you want to spoil it?

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