23 Nov 2009

Stop Crying,My friend

How long will you cry?
Until tonight, or dawn tomorrow or until death
Do you think tears are the only way left?
For you, to escape, from all your pain
That is tearing your heart now
If everyone starts crying together
It will fill the earth with new oceans of tears
As everyone, have problems
Won’t the life come to standstill?
If everyone starts worrying
About all those pains of the past
One cannot bring back the lost moments
One cannot bestow breath upon a dead person
Then, what is the point in crying?
Over those moments, that is history
Understand the fact, my friend
Nobody will be worrying about you
As much as you worry for others
So stop crying for others over silly issues
Everyone is on a mission in life
Some times situation demands
Taking tough decisions for goodness
But regretting and crying over that
Won’t make any difference for you
If there is chance for redemption
You can try out your luck
But crying for unchangeable things
Can just leave you sick, nothing else
A second that passed by wont comeback
Like that, you cannot relive old moments
Stop living in the past, its history
Live in the present and see around
Dream about a bright future
As it is the only hope,
For which, each individual live
 For some, it is about getting rid of poetry
For some, its about getting good job
For some, its about getting love
For some, its about safer future of children
Wishes about future are endless
Then why you should be alone
Crying about silly issues, for nothing
There is only one life for everyone
This is the only chance given by the god
To experience the great existence
Living through various stages
From childhood to youth to old age
Life is not just about fun and joy
The pain and relief is another side
That you should handle with ease
Just like you smile and laugh around
Wash your face and wipe out tears
Bring back a nice smile on your face
Talk with all those around
You will find how happy or sad they are
You will get to hear about their sorrows
You will get to hear about their jubilance
And you will know, there are stories
Behind every smiling face that you see
You will understand, how brave they are
Facing those challenges, without showing
Any glimpse of sorrow on their face
Life is all about living it as such
There are no secret formulas to be happy
More you think and worry
More depressed you will become
Think again, does it worth anything
You are neglecting those who need you
Yet worrying about who don’t care
Mistakes happen, its human trait
There is no need to spoil, yourself for that
Just feel sorry for it and work well
So that you won’t be having any issue
Be positive and keep the mind strong
If you feel so down, walk alone
See those people walking in hurry
Without showing trace of sorrows
Immerse yourself in this busy world
With every second meaning valuable
To your earnest quest for peace

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