23 Nov 2009


When I look at those eyes
I see millions of souls of tears
Filled up in the eyes
Craving for one thing and screaming silently
Let us flow through your cheeks
And, fall down to the very soil
Embarking all the pain that we could
So that you find some relief
Looking at us, valuing our sacrifice
As we are part of yours only
We had to bid adieu, as you are sad
Some day your pain will vanish
And, you will remember us.
Memories haunt you all the time
The laughter and the smiles apart
The very thought of void brings something
Words and silence ever could describe it
Yet we the tears can speak
The language of your heart
Without telling anyone, ever one could see
As you can shed us to the gorches of no return
Happiness is just round the corner
Bit of sense from heart can keep you calm
But when immersed in thoughts
Worries and pains creeps in
Then you feel that you are sinking
As if, there is no solution to the problems
Thoughts fill the heart with emotions
Too hard for the soul to console
Only way out for you is shedding
A few drops of tears
But, once you shed us, we are history  
Our life ends, the moment, we part ways with you
But, we become eternal for your pain
God may see our sacrifice
To grant you the peace you wish for
From the depths of soil
We will be seeing your smiling face
 With satisfaction as if, your smile is our reflection
Some day when you enjoy the life
While you think about the past
Ask yourself,
Why you let us go?
Did shedding us help you in any case?
As we cherished to live in your eyes
Until you close your eyes for ever !

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