23 Nov 2009

Tracking back

It is the time to move on,
For the quest of a dream,

I waited for so long,
Now that the dream is calling me,
“Come on and embrace me”!
It’s so luring, though challenging!

This is the chance
To grow up as a man,
Time to say bye to the childishness,
It’s the time to catch up,
With those who raced past me,
I never was far away from you,
Don’t worry, I am going to catch you up.

“All the failures and losses- get lost”!
You have no space in my dictionary.

I am seeing only one thing,
A far away place, my destiny,
To spread my wings,
To flourish my dreams

I had my time for fooling around,
I had enjoyed the fun times,
Now it’s back to my fort,
To be that dare devil again!
To fight with grit
Until I achieve all my aspirations.


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