23 Nov 2009

Words for a soul

In this divine day of love
I shower all the love in my heart
In these words to let you know
That you are still in my heart
Like a beautiful cat with a gorgeous smile
That enlightens my life
Like a rhythm that flows, as words
Precious than my heartbeats
Reminding me to live on
With a hope, so strong and inspiring
My every single step ahead
Your words still rings inside my heart
Like breathe of endearing music
And it keeps me positive
I am smiling, like you once asked for
I am fighting with that zest
To go places as one you told me
I drained all my tears
With prayers for your smile
I failed to throng your heart
With bunch of happiness and care
Instead, I made you cry
In the name of all your tears
I pledge my love for you
Even though I am not in your heart
You will always be in my heart
As a candle light of goodwill
As a mesmerising tax less wish
As a cattie angel of good times

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