23 Nov 2009


Lets walk to a place where there is no illness
You may know where it is
Its the land of angels
Where there are prayers around
Healing every illness before it comes
Lets just walk to that place
Now that the wounds hurts you
And your soul revelling in pain
Let the prayers heal you dear
Let the angels bring medicines of love
Let the care of theirs make you feel good
When you sleep,
Let the dreams take away your pain
When you lay awake
Let the breeze take away the pain
When you sit and worry
Let the thoughts take away the pain
When you feel the pain is too harsh
Let the hope to take them away
Let the daisies and roses
Bring fragrance of happiness
Let them quench your pain
Let the words of your loved ones
Make you forget your pain
With the affection in those words
Let the blue sky make you sedated
While thinking about the stars out there
Let the moon bring some shy dreams to you
So that you forget your pain
Let the birds bring you
The smile in your eyes and lips
Soon you will laugh at the pain
And will say, I am fine now
Thanks for giving me the company
It’s the god’s wish
its his grace, that I am safe
his blessings came in your form
as I survived a scare
I wish
God let this gal recover soon
Bring her smile back soon
Vanish all her pain just like a magic

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