23 Dec 2009

Magical Language

Its sad to see the crumbling beautiful relations
In matter of days ,all because of misunderstandings
Or over mistakes committed
It may be pardonable or not
When egos clash,its a war like situation
One has to surrender for amicable solution
Who will do it?
Blame game takes situation to a brink
With some wily foxes waiting in ranks to pounce upon
It’s never easy for the incumbents
To make a strong comback through reconcilliation

I wish for a magical language
That stands for eternal peace
That can show the feelings inside the heart
Through the spoken words
As sometimes your pain and apologies
Goes unnoticed
It will help the ones who struggle
To express their their emotions for someone
When odd reactions jeapordize relations

There might be only one chance to prove
That there is strong love still left inside
Some might say, “Take it or forget”
With no real conviction
Onus is all upon you,where you can’t fail
A dream life is at stakes
Fix it or watch it going farther without a trace
Then every single word becomes precious
You can win over the heart again
Or just lose it to someone else who got nice words

I wish for a magical language
That can just erase all the aprehensions
And even the small trace of hatred ,if there any
With its healing power
That can rebuild the trust and bonds
Within matter of words
Reminding the good old times from memory
The delightful romance and union
The aspirations weaved together
For a brighter future with joy
Leading you back to where you belong
In the heart of a sweetheart who loved without limits
To continue the saga of love for rest of the lives

21 Dec 2009


Death comes like an uninvited
Cold blooded guest
Who find chilly nights and hot sunny days alike
 Some embraces him with joy
Some reluctantly leaves with him
Some are dragged down with no mercy
Some are lucky to get rid of his hold,but not for long

He is a guide,tormentor,messenger
With no attachment or feelings for any
Just comes to carry out a task
Always so focused about the task
So particular not to miss out even one
Keeps high standards with high efficiency

He tries to tempt one with lucrative offer
That could lift one towards a higher world
Presents the dreamy world of heaven
Just like a kid’s fairy tale
Convinces with with the assurance
That there won’t be any pain and suffering
There will be only luxury comfort
With angels and saints helping out
There will be only smiles all around

He never tells the fact
About a hell that stand beside heaven
Where there is only pain and suffering
With devils and demons rule with terror
There is only tears all the time
With no place to escape or to hide
From the tortue that awaits
And no saviors to save the day

He just bribes one to part ways with life
To leave all beloved once forever
Without any chance to return to earth
To care or enquire about loved ones
As only soul will get the visa
One has to say good bye to body
Just like parting with a baggage
More of a  contract of no return
No time given to fulfil any wish
No time given to exchange final goodwill
No time given to smile or cry

Once the visa is ready
The journey starts
As the guide greets with welcome
The air starts to move away
Lungs drive itself to the limits
To suck the vanishing air
In a last gasp attempt to breath
In a last gasp attempt to survive
Just as heart tries its best
To beat the betrayal of the soul
By sending the final power to the lungs
As the soul starts following the guide
Poor body struggle to fight back
Air keeps moving away faster
Body tries its best to catch some air
It shivers and jumps
Vibrates with ferocity as if it’s now or never

As the soul moves farther
Helpless body surrenders
With the eyes capturing its final images
Closes the lid on a world
That gave joy and pain
Memories and nightmares
Regrets and pride
Soul follows the guide
Breaking all the bonds of love and hate
With hopes about a new world
Heaven or hell which it doesn’t know
It’s another task finished for a task master

20 Dec 2009

A New Start

I can’t see the road
Fog has taken over
Show me another way
I want to be in hill again

Give me a hand
I am falling down
Stop me from this fall
I want to rise again

Give me a book
I need some advice
Save me from this rot
I want to be wise again

Give me a boat
I need  it to sail
Sieze  me  a new shore
I want to live again

Give me a pen
I need it to write
Send me a new theme
I want to inspire again

Give me a hammer
I need it to thrash
Sell me all the trash
I want to demolish again

Give me a drum
I need it to beat
Sing me a new song
I want to find rhythm again

Give me  a football
I need it to kick
Swing me a stunning cross
I want to score a goal again

Give me a soul
I am dying down
Support me with fresh air
I want to breath once again

I can’t see any luck
Hatred has taken over
Serve me a final chance
I want to love again

19 Dec 2009


When luck plays the game of teasing
A rise smile is all that I can afford to show
Amused at the fact that a chance is going down
Right in front of my eyes
Like for a striker shooting the ball wide
When the open goal post is waiting lucratively
The dearest wish seemed like coming near
In a moment of absolute surprise
I know that I have to wait a little more
As I anticipate the clearance of hurdles
That pulls me back forcefully
Whenever I find myself in a position
 Favorable to drive me towards new pastures
Every morning, I wake up with enthusiasm
Rather than annoyance, unlike in bygone days
I am dreaming more and more
About an imminent thrilling journey
As I have moved away from nightmares
That kept me awake many a night
Afflicting fear that stumbled my every move
Now, all I see is a lush green field
So familiar and so luring
Encouraging me to take a plunge
Into the ocean of hope to challenge the luck
 By battling hard with a sturdy heart

It is a debatable whether luck exists or not.But for us,luck is something mysterious to lay upon when things go wrong or get right by a whisker.A magical word to blame or get relief.

18 Dec 2009

Questions to god

Sometimes I ask god
Why you are so cruel to those who are good at heart?
Why do you make them suffer?

Without even seeing the golden days
Many of those have to leave this earth
With hearts bearing unfulfilled desires

Their prayers for getting some more time to live
To see the dependents towards shore of safety
Why do you close eyes on those pleas?

When someone decease abruptly
Many a time horror surrounds their loved ones
With no means to go forward
Insecurity calling the shots
With responsibilities to take over the reins
Falling on helpless successors
To manage the debts and legacy
Some never recovers from the disastrous fall
And for rest of the lives, they fight for survival
With only nightmares of good old past in company
Sighs of, what if’s gives some consolation
Lucky ones make it to the nest of relief

When you can let off all the evil forces
Who ravish their brand of mischiefs?
Hurting others deliberately
Snatching their possessions for paltry greed
Making mockery of others sufferings
With disgraceful laughter
Torturing others with power of riches
Killing innocents for silly achievements
Leaving countless relatives in tears
With no power to retaliate

How you can justify the gross injustice,
 towards the deprived ones?
Why do sinners get immunity from sufferings?
Why do you get their every wish fulfilled?
When helpless souls struggle to exist
Begging you for divine intervention
And waits with endless hope for your miracles

17 Dec 2009

Life After Death

It still remains a mystery,
what i saw in my dream
someone put me on a highway
I saw heaven on one side
I saw hell on other side
I kept guessing
where am I heading for?
The path looked so long
and there was no entrance
on either side to get in
But i saw,a few walking
in front of me
And i saw a few following me
in search of their destiny

 Is this life after death?
Is heaven a home to live?
Is hell a destitution center?
I saw the angels flying
in the heaven
Spreading love and peace
to all the happy faces
I saw my loved ones
waving me to get in
I saw the devils screaming
in the dens of hell
spreading terror and pain
to all those tear filled eyes
I saw my loved ones
asking for help to escape
don't know where i should go

How can i forget the love
all those gave,when they were alive !
But, do i have a choice for myself ?

12 Dec 2009


There were times, when I had my chances
Every road looked leading towards success

But lazy mind, never really took them fully
Now regretting, all those given up chances

I feel I am being tied up, with no ways to escape
I am forced to see my dreams being guttered
With my remorseful eyes, I saw vanishing light
From the strongest faith I had in myself, myself
I saw all others racing past me in a hurry
While I am still snailing with a handicap
That shows, how badly I fared in this game
Now it hurts so much, too painful to bear

I wished to do, a lot of things,
I want to do, a lot of things
But now, it’s out of my hands,
 I could barely do anything

Don’t know, whether to cry or to scream
Or Thrash things to pieces or to go silent
This is getting me into a state of revenge
I feel, I have been left with lot to prove

A sense of helplessness
 Ignited unrelenting fury
 It’s burning inside my heart
Agony, I am in agony
Agony of a lifetime 

10 Dec 2009



Words calms
Words claims
Words inspire
Words despair
Words forgive
Words mislead
Words tell lies
Words tell truth
Words tell stories
Words tell sorries

Words make life
Words cause love
Words cause splits
Words break heart

Words give orders
Words give advice
Words give warning
Words give knowledge

Words are tonic
Words are blunt
Words are sharper
Words are weapons
Words are meaningful
Words are meaningless

Words live in air
Words live in heart
Words live in books
Words live in memories

Words spread love
Words spread terror
Words spread peace
Words spread hatred
Words spread rumors

Words stopped wars
Words wrote history
Words twisted history
Words instigated wars

Words make one cry
Words make one laugh
Words make one angry
Words make one strong
Words make one jealous
Words make one weaker

Words drive one crazy
Words drive one serious
Words drive one forward
Words drive one backward

We say some words
We wish some words
We listen some words
We expect some words
Words express thoughts
Words destruct harmony
Words construct confusion

Some words are abuse
Some words are untold
Some words are dubious
Some words are exquisite
Some words are precious
It is like the shining moon
Visible on a cloudy rainy day
For that we wait for a lifetime

Life without words is impossible
As even silence, spell meaningful words


It’s our day

We never know

So, let’s celebrate today to the fullest

We were in tears
Sad at the losses

The day before
We were smiling with grace
Happy about good times

Further a day back
We were laughing with joy
Reveling in success

Further a day back
We were thrashing out the anger
Frustrated about lack of breakthroughs

But today
We are thinking about those days
With nostalgia and regrets

Life is so uncertain
There is no guarantee for anything

So, let’s enjoy every moment
That we live in this world
What if, we don’t get another day
To see all these beautiful things

We always say with sigh
Past was so beautiful
There is something missing in today

Don’t forget
The moments that we live in now
These are the ones
That’s going to be the past
Why should we forget to live and
then mourn about a glorious past?
So, let’s live today as if it’s everything

9 Dec 2009


Chocolate arouses the taste buds
With its exquisite aroma
I grew up munching on Nestlé and Cadbury’s chocolates
Quite mouth watering
Be it white chocolate or brown chocolate
Be it toffees or ice creams
Chocolates make kids and old crazy alike

If I own a chocolate company
I will name it as “Nutcolate”
As I want to provide nutrition with taste
I would promote chocolate
On par with tea or coffee as beverage
As it is quite healthy and refreshing

I wish to bring sleek chocolate bars
That even the poor could afford with mere cents
As I have seen, kids who cant afford costly chocolates

As kids don’t like milk
I will give them chocolate milk shake
Quite sweet and tasty
They would rejoice drinking it

Instead of soft drinks
I will give alternative to youth
Choco-drinks in various flavors

Days of ice creams are gone
I see days of choco-creams and choco-sticks
 Slipping in with nuts, honey, cheese and more

Junk foodies will have a reason to think
Chocrunch will be enough to beat the hunger
Fighting against the fat effectively
For breakfast and lunch

Chookies and Choscuits
Will fight it out with the cookies and biscuits
Integrating the local recipes
You will feel homely
Munch them and sip your drink
While you rest or work
You will be fit all the time

Have chocodles with milk at night
Just like noodles
And have a peaceful slumber

Be it a desert or a frozen land
Nutcolate will flavor the meals
All day-all night, whole year

It will be a fairy tale
If I could own a chocolate company
Giving love and happiness
Through every piece of chocolate
Allowing choco enthusiasts to have their products
Under the brand of Nutcolate
Just like open source software
Helping organizations to subside hunger
Providing free chocolates
Against the profit of company
Helping farmers to get value for their efforts
With best in the market contracts
Recreating plantations with chocolate varieties
From all parts of the world
Using bio-farming methods
Producing toxic free chocolates
Letting the heavenly fruit rule again
In a war against artificial foods
With ripened chocolate fruit juice
“Nutcolate” – a dream chocolate to eat !

8 Dec 2009

Wait for spring

When the leaves fall in autumn,
The trees look as if naked,
but when the breeze touches it
with wings of rain
the leaves of hope grows
the eyes will get to see the charm
for every autum,there is a spring waiting
with fragrance of love and joy
have the patience to embrace the spring
it will come to enlighten you,one day
wait for the greeny leaves to shine
wait for the roses to blossom
and wait for the breeze to spread fragrance
someone will come with those roses
to put into your hair,and will walk away
holding the hands of you,angel

Vague Thoughts

To be among these wily-foxes what I should do?
To remain un-shattered,
 Should I keep my mind f rozen-all the time?
To achieve something special,
Should  I throw away,the castles of imagination?
Should i bring  the dreadful experiences back to the mind,
To bear a new torch,
Towards the milestone that I am looking for.
Is it possible to climb Everest
with Himalayas in one hand,as well as Alps in other hand?
May be I can!
As idles have to bear,difficulties overwhelmingly at once!
It is impossible to go to the stars!
But, it is not improbable to dream about stars.
Forces are there,for nothing, for everything.
Boredom is awaiting all the time everywhere.
But pleasant thoughts can help one to get out of it.
Calculations are theoretical,
But, in practice, most of them falter.
Fights are for those who want to prove their grit!
Hills and forests are for those who love,
“The beauty of nature”.
For those birds, life means freedom
As they can fly
For man life means detention!
As they are always in bond.
Can these bonds be broken forever?

6 Dec 2009

Walk Alone

Learn to walk alone,
Because at some point,
Those walking beside will leave you alone.
In a strange desert, where there are only sand dunes
You will wander around for directions
To find an oasis for respite
To find a way out of the misery
Wondering what to do next, while still shocked
As you have never been alone before

Those days, when you used to walk together
There was some intimacy, but not anymore
It’s hard to take at times
But no way out, you have to live with it
And learn to move on your own
Facing the life without the shoulders around

Time changes so drastically
All those moments become memories
As time takes everyone to a point
Where all have to chose their priorities
When people try to grab their opportunities
To build their dream lifestyle
They have to move ahead selfishly
Ignoring the ones depending on them,
As life is a competition that demands unrelenting efforts
Only the ones who persevere and fight, achieve success
The ones who relies heavily on others will struggle
Think neither about what others do nor wait for anyone
Trust your intuition and just keep walking through the path you found
Once you reach your destination
You will find people following you rather

Hidden Beneath

Hidden beneath the silence
There is a lively smile
Hidden beneath the anger
There is a black humor
Hidden beneath the tears
There is an aspiring hope
Hidden beneath the unsaid words
There are millions of emotions
Hidden beneath the laughter
There is a mysterious pain
Hidden beneath the beliefs
There is a treacherous fear
Hidden beneath the greed
There is a story of losses
Hidden beneath the glory
There are hours of unrelenting effort
Hidden beneath the luck
There is unchangeable fate
Hidden beneath the love
There is a selfish necessity
Hidden beneath the hatred
There is dangerous jealousy
Hidden beneath the jealousy
There is unending anger to do better
Hidden beneath a wait
There is an undying wish

4 Dec 2009


Every time when there is a road or railway line or a dam or an airport
An industrial area development
The authorities show the future prospects to the developers
Luring them to invest big sums of money
In regenerating the area into un-believable levels
Nevertheless, there is a small group of people
Who are forced to sacrifice for the cause of thousands!
Authorities set aside a sum to compensate them
Some times, they provide alternate land
But, uprooting the masses from their hopes and past
It’s never an easy task
It’s never done in a fair fashion either
Authorities can just enact ordinance or law
Then send notices in advance
Telling the people to surrender their possessed lands
For the development of the area
Giving fake hopes of jobs and other amenities
Some people might have their dream home
Built with all their lifelong savings
With no choice, but to give it up
Take the compensation and go for finding a place to survive
There are large tracts of barren lands available
But when industrialists wish for a prime land
Authorities make sure that they get it
By the means of laws and sweet offers
Many a time I wonder
How much land they need for starting a factory?
Why they need land amidst populated locality?
When they need mere little area for buildings
They demand huge tracts of lands, which has potential
In the name of future expansions
In the name of industrial development
Authorities lease those lands for neglible price
Or sell to the investors at nominal rates
May be they get commissions for their acts
Many a time, you will find huge tracts of unused lands
Later being sold by the developers with huge profits
Or building un necessary or luxurious projects
That never was there in the original plans
So, is it fooling the people who sacrifice?
But what about the poor people
Who might be earning from farming or
Some other jobs in their own land
Does anyone care about the future of those people?
When the development doesn’t involve
The welfare of the ones who contribute land
It is not development, but mere clouding of tears of despair
Many a time the ones who once lived in towns and cities
Aside the roads and prime financial areas
They had to move away from those areas
To the outskirts, taking their allotted compensations
With a task to recultivate their lifestyle
Without proper amenities
Many a time people get in-hospitable lands
To build homes or to set up farm lands
Some times, they get shabbily built apartments
In exchange for their houses or land holdings
To meet the deadlines, authorities comes up with
Police and other forces with bulldozers to evict the people
Crushing the buildings and throwing away the belongings
It’s nothing but terrorizing the poor with iron fist
When someone refuses to move away from the land
Where they took birth and lived a life time
Asking where we will go and what we will do!
The scenes of kids and elders crying
With the state of helplessness
For these people, many a time politicians
Doesn’t find it useful to help when they suffer
Its fate to be alienated in their own place
All but for the welfare of a majority
One question remains
Is it right to forcefully take the lands of disadvantaged people
When authorities identify location for regeneration
Will they ever identify a location owned by VIP’S?
They won’t.
Instead, they will choose the land where poor people are there
Evicted are those, who don’t have clout among authorities
To have immunity from land acquisitions

Ability in Disability

A dream in the eyes
Tells story of courage
A smile in the face
Shows glimpse of almighty

This world is no different for us
We have those dreams just like others
Our hearts are stronger,
That powers us forward

Let us fly with the wings of our dreams
Let us scale those horizons that we aim
All we need is stream of heartily support
Cos, we are able as all others in the heart

Every day we wake up
With a pledge to do ever so well
Taking all challenges, head on
We have nothing to prove to anyone
It’s our wishes that we want to fulfil
We don’t need sympathy
Just treat us on par with other kids, with love

Nothing is beyond us,we believe
Even sky isn’t the limit for us
When eyes cant show the path
Our hearts lead the way
When ears cant hear the words
Our eyes read them
When the silence of voice trembles
Our hands talks for us
Our hands and legs make up for each other
giving strength for this journey of life

Don’t stop us from doing things that we cherish
We may fall down many times
Just give the hand to stand again
Cos we want to fight our way
Like those, brave warriors
Who put stakes on their lives

Hopkins, Beethoven and many more
have shown the world their best
All we want is to follow their path
On level terms with our friends

We want to swim against the tide
We want to climb the mighty Himalayas
We want to ski in the air
We want to ride the horses

Let our brushes weave the magic
Let our voice sooth the audience
Let us fly kites into the sky
Let us run the great marathons

Give us the freedom to express
Give us the strength to face life
Clap for us when we succeed
Smile with us in our glories

We are not here to cry
For all those we don’t have
We find happiness everywhere
And in everything that we do
When we live, we inspire
Hundreds of those in despair
This life is there to be lived
And we want to live, self reliant.

Our words have same wavelength
Our colours have same vibrancy
Our dreams have same magic
We are all same in front of god
We want to win just like all others
Don’t worry about us, we will make it
Even when the challenges are daunting

Let us fly with the wings of our dreams
Let us scale those horizons that we aim
All we need is stream of heartily support
Support us from the depths of the hearts
Cos, we are able as all others in the heart
To find ability in disability for the life ahead

Waiting for a magic

I am waiting for a magic
To change my life again
I am waiting for a magic
To smile with happiness

Now everything seems extinct
Darkness has swamped my heart
Walking alone in a standstill world
With even my shadows seems lost

It’s like the rays of a new born galaxy
Brimming with unending fresh energy
That could frisk away the evil darkness
Instilling a new belief to live once again
I need a flow in my heart
Just like snarling snake in stream
I need a glow in my eyes
Just like reflecting light, in rain

It seems it’s gonna be a long wait
But, I feel it’s indeed worth waiting for
It’s a wish which keeps me moving
With a stubborn spirit never to give up