21 Dec 2009


Death comes like an uninvited
Cold blooded guest
Who find chilly nights and hot sunny days alike
 Some embraces him with joy
Some reluctantly leaves with him
Some are dragged down with no mercy
Some are lucky to get rid of his hold,but not for long

He is a guide,tormentor,messenger
With no attachment or feelings for any
Just comes to carry out a task
Always so focused about the task
So particular not to miss out even one
Keeps high standards with high efficiency

He tries to tempt one with lucrative offer
That could lift one towards a higher world
Presents the dreamy world of heaven
Just like a kid’s fairy tale
Convinces with with the assurance
That there won’t be any pain and suffering
There will be only luxury comfort
With angels and saints helping out
There will be only smiles all around

He never tells the fact
About a hell that stand beside heaven
Where there is only pain and suffering
With devils and demons rule with terror
There is only tears all the time
With no place to escape or to hide
From the tortue that awaits
And no saviors to save the day

He just bribes one to part ways with life
To leave all beloved once forever
Without any chance to return to earth
To care or enquire about loved ones
As only soul will get the visa
One has to say good bye to body
Just like parting with a baggage
More of a  contract of no return
No time given to fulfil any wish
No time given to exchange final goodwill
No time given to smile or cry

Once the visa is ready
The journey starts
As the guide greets with welcome
The air starts to move away
Lungs drive itself to the limits
To suck the vanishing air
In a last gasp attempt to breath
In a last gasp attempt to survive
Just as heart tries its best
To beat the betrayal of the soul
By sending the final power to the lungs
As the soul starts following the guide
Poor body struggle to fight back
Air keeps moving away faster
Body tries its best to catch some air
It shivers and jumps
Vibrates with ferocity as if it’s now or never

As the soul moves farther
Helpless body surrenders
With the eyes capturing its final images
Closes the lid on a world
That gave joy and pain
Memories and nightmares
Regrets and pride
Soul follows the guide
Breaking all the bonds of love and hate
With hopes about a new world
Heaven or hell which it doesn’t know
It’s another task finished for a task master

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