23 Dec 2009

Magical Language

Its sad to see the crumbling beautiful relations
In matter of days ,all because of misunderstandings
Or over mistakes committed
It may be pardonable or not
When egos clash,its a war like situation
One has to surrender for amicable solution
Who will do it?
Blame game takes situation to a brink
With some wily foxes waiting in ranks to pounce upon
It’s never easy for the incumbents
To make a strong comback through reconcilliation

I wish for a magical language
That stands for eternal peace
That can show the feelings inside the heart
Through the spoken words
As sometimes your pain and apologies
Goes unnoticed
It will help the ones who struggle
To express their their emotions for someone
When odd reactions jeapordize relations

There might be only one chance to prove
That there is strong love still left inside
Some might say, “Take it or forget”
With no real conviction
Onus is all upon you,where you can’t fail
A dream life is at stakes
Fix it or watch it going farther without a trace
Then every single word becomes precious
You can win over the heart again
Or just lose it to someone else who got nice words

I wish for a magical language
That can just erase all the aprehensions
And even the small trace of hatred ,if there any
With its healing power
That can rebuild the trust and bonds
Within matter of words
Reminding the good old times from memory
The delightful romance and union
The aspirations weaved together
For a brighter future with joy
Leading you back to where you belong
In the heart of a sweetheart who loved without limits
To continue the saga of love for rest of the lives


Jessie Carty said...

thanks for stopping by my blog, have a great holiday season and keep up the writing!

Roopa said...

gud 1 dude, ur poetry is mind blowing!!!!!!!!!!

keep it up n keep writing more

post ur other poems tooooooooooooooooooooooo

Anonymous said...