9 Dec 2009


Chocolate arouses the taste buds
With its exquisite aroma
I grew up munching on Nestlé and Cadbury’s chocolates
Quite mouth watering
Be it white chocolate or brown chocolate
Be it toffees or ice creams
Chocolates make kids and old crazy alike

If I own a chocolate company
I will name it as “Nutcolate”
As I want to provide nutrition with taste
I would promote chocolate
On par with tea or coffee as beverage
As it is quite healthy and refreshing

I wish to bring sleek chocolate bars
That even the poor could afford with mere cents
As I have seen, kids who cant afford costly chocolates

As kids don’t like milk
I will give them chocolate milk shake
Quite sweet and tasty
They would rejoice drinking it

Instead of soft drinks
I will give alternative to youth
Choco-drinks in various flavors

Days of ice creams are gone
I see days of choco-creams and choco-sticks
 Slipping in with nuts, honey, cheese and more

Junk foodies will have a reason to think
Chocrunch will be enough to beat the hunger
Fighting against the fat effectively
For breakfast and lunch

Chookies and Choscuits
Will fight it out with the cookies and biscuits
Integrating the local recipes
You will feel homely
Munch them and sip your drink
While you rest or work
You will be fit all the time

Have chocodles with milk at night
Just like noodles
And have a peaceful slumber

Be it a desert or a frozen land
Nutcolate will flavor the meals
All day-all night, whole year

It will be a fairy tale
If I could own a chocolate company
Giving love and happiness
Through every piece of chocolate
Allowing choco enthusiasts to have their products
Under the brand of Nutcolate
Just like open source software
Helping organizations to subside hunger
Providing free chocolates
Against the profit of company
Helping farmers to get value for their efforts
With best in the market contracts
Recreating plantations with chocolate varieties
From all parts of the world
Using bio-farming methods
Producing toxic free chocolates
Letting the heavenly fruit rule again
In a war against artificial foods
With ripened chocolate fruit juice
“Nutcolate” – a dream chocolate to eat !

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