1 Dec 2009

See Afresh

Close your eyes and see that beautiful hill
Fly towards it with the wings, like a butterfly
See those smiling flowers, as beautiful as you are
Taste the honey and feel the scent with a smile

Fly through those charming snow-white clouds
You will feel, you are in heaven for a moment

See those greenish patches of nature all around
With birds and creatures singing around with joy
Breeze flowing as if it is dancing in its dreams
You will feel, I am indeed in a heaven as I wished

See all those beautiful hills around, like siblings
Breath taking, and so soothing to the heart, isn’t it
Now open your eyes honey, just see around
You will feel everything so refreshing and exciting

you are not alone, wherever you are
 Always there is happiness inside you, just realise
Keep smiling and walk with your beautiful heart
open to all the worthwhile things around

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