8 Dec 2009

Vague Thoughts

To be among these wily-foxes what I should do?
To remain un-shattered,
 Should I keep my mind f rozen-all the time?
To achieve something special,
Should  I throw away,the castles of imagination?
Should i bring  the dreadful experiences back to the mind,
To bear a new torch,
Towards the milestone that I am looking for.
Is it possible to climb Everest
with Himalayas in one hand,as well as Alps in other hand?
May be I can!
As idles have to bear,difficulties overwhelmingly at once!
It is impossible to go to the stars!
But, it is not improbable to dream about stars.
Forces are there,for nothing, for everything.
Boredom is awaiting all the time everywhere.
But pleasant thoughts can help one to get out of it.
Calculations are theoretical,
But, in practice, most of them falter.
Fights are for those who want to prove their grit!
Hills and forests are for those who love,
“The beauty of nature”.
For those birds, life means freedom
As they can fly
For man life means detention!
As they are always in bond.
Can these bonds be broken forever?

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