10 Dec 2009



Words calms
Words claims
Words inspire
Words despair
Words forgive
Words mislead
Words tell lies
Words tell truth
Words tell stories
Words tell sorries

Words make life
Words cause love
Words cause splits
Words break heart

Words give orders
Words give advice
Words give warning
Words give knowledge

Words are tonic
Words are blunt
Words are sharper
Words are weapons
Words are meaningful
Words are meaningless

Words live in air
Words live in heart
Words live in books
Words live in memories

Words spread love
Words spread terror
Words spread peace
Words spread hatred
Words spread rumors

Words stopped wars
Words wrote history
Words twisted history
Words instigated wars

Words make one cry
Words make one laugh
Words make one angry
Words make one strong
Words make one jealous
Words make one weaker

Words drive one crazy
Words drive one serious
Words drive one forward
Words drive one backward

We say some words
We wish some words
We listen some words
We expect some words
Words express thoughts
Words destruct harmony
Words construct confusion

Some words are abuse
Some words are untold
Some words are dubious
Some words are exquisite
Some words are precious
It is like the shining moon
Visible on a cloudy rainy day
For that we wait for a lifetime

Life without words is impossible
As even silence, spell meaningful words

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jyoti said...

words are words......

good one...