13 Jan 2010

Winter Rain

It’s raining hard
With lightning and thunders
For long hours
As more grey clouds are coming in
It’s not the monsoon
Nor the summer shower
Can’t believe
It’s a winter rain !

It was hot during the daytime
right from the mornings
And even at nights, there was no cool air
I hoped for misty mornings
As I started my new walking routine
I love the scene of trees and flowers
bathed by the naughty mist at night
when i go out in the morning
This time around,rains bathed them
without giving time to dry themselves

I love the sight of sun rays
melting and vaporising the mist
from the leaves and all around
As time nears the noon
if you look at the sky
You can see vapor rising up the sky like smoke
I'vent seen it yet this year

Fogs are thing of the past
I remember those  days
when fog conquered miles and miles
even the hills disappeared under its carpet
i miss that dark thick blanket of fog
that comes every year

Everyone is relying on ceiling fans and air coolers
To keep away the heat
But as the barometer kept rising
Drops of heavenly rain started showering down
As I laid down resting after football game
At my old haunting ground
It’s been raining ever since
And it seems, there is to more to come
I wonder why we have to get the cooler air
Albeit the surprise rain
Northern parts of are
Swamped under the freezing cold
Even the neighboring states are feeling the cold
I wonder what happened to this hilly seaside state
We never get snow here
But this is the only time we get some fog and chilly air
How did it elude us?
Rather, we are carrying umbrellas
Elsewhere,kids couldnt play outside
 due to snow or chilly weather
Here,it's the rain keeping them inside

Is this a sign for future?
Is global warming a myth or reality
Monsoon is faltering
And now we are getting a new kind of rain
At the cost of a winter!
As I listen to the news about the deep freeze in UK
And the erratic snow patterns around the world
As certain places got more snow than they do
Catching them in awkward
And keeping them indoors
Relying on the heating systems
I wonder if we will get to face
Even the slighter winter we get normally
I wish to see the back of winter rain
Rather I wish to see it during summer

A Banyan Tree and little sparrows

A huge big banyan tree
Stood tall aside that main road
As symbol of heritage for the locality
A blessed shelter for homeless
And tired Samaritans
A favorite leisure place for local gamers
It s also the home for a young sparrow family
That waited to see their kid birds
Breaking out from those eggs
Their first screams gave the joy to parent birds
As they started their life together
They had hopes about a prosperous future
As their home is in the middle of a town
They had to fly a bit far to find food
The kids are not yet ready to fly
As their wings are just starting to evolve
Along with feathers
Parents used fly away with the belief
That their home is safe from all enemies
They used to bring back food for their hungry kids
On that day
They left their nest as usual to find food
After saying goodbyes to their chirpy kids
They never thought they had unknown enemies
Who were planning to bring down their home
As the day progressed
Some men climbed that tree
And started Cutting down every single branch
The little birds got scared
As their nest started shaking
They started screaming
Calling their parents for come back
They didn’t know what to do
They can’t fly
They just hoped that  their parents would come soon
But they ran out of luck
As their nest fell down along with a branch
Over the pile of branches and leaves
Though their nest survived the fall some how
They felt the pain
They kept screaming
But nobody cared to look
As more leaves fell over them
They were buried under a pile of leaves
Barely can they breathe
Holding on to their hopes
It’s a heartbreaking sight
That welcomed the parent sparrows
Their nest is nowhere to see
And that big tree is standing no more
It is lying on the ground
As hundreds of pieces
More of bare skeletons now
Shocked at the sight
They started searching for their beloved kids
Flying all around screaming out loud
The kids could hear their voice
But by then their faint voice got even fainter
And hardly it rose up through the pile of leaves
They are so close to their parents
But out of sight unluckily
As the sun started setting
Someone found the little sparrows
While clearing those leaves and branches
He took that nest and kept it on safer ground
Hoping that parent birds might come and find them
Even as those parent birds kept searching desperately
For their beloved little kids
Curious onlookers took snaps of beleaguered little birds
This is the cost of inhumane rush for development

12 Jan 2010

Virtual childhood

Childhood, a memorable period in life
With innocence flowing down like ncectar
Curiosity to know about everything
Comes instinctively from the blood
As each passing day moves into a shade with a wish
That someday I will also grow up like my idol
So strong and so smart
Dreaming to become super heroes
Like in the movies that I saw recently
Well slowly, things are changing
As kids are born beside the gadgets
They become knowledgeable even before they mature
As internet and television takes them
To a world of knowledge
Good and bad
Rather than playing on grass or fields with friends
The general leisure sports
More and more kids are playing alone
In their rooms using computers', mobile phones',playstations'
Nindetos and countless gadgets
Playing themselves as the heroes
Shedding virtual blood with fun
They race on virtual fast cars and bikes
Than on their cycles
Dead toys are getting old fashioned
With electronic gizmos taking their place
Kids now know things, which their parents struggle to learn
They just sneaks into the horizons of forbidden trut
Even before their minds are ready to take it
Some of them wish to try out, to quench curiosity
With virtual strangers lurking out in dark internet highway
To take advantage of straying lambs
It is a vulnerable childhood
With temptations everywhere
When all the heroes do nothing moral or logical
There is a curious case of y-generation asking
Wh ‘y’ we shouldn’t do this and that?!
With no censorships to keep kids away
Every distorted facts looks like truth for them
When parents themselves can’t be role model
Given their troubles their past
Their silence act as manure for growing as rebels
But virtual world also boosts whiz kids
Who just grows beyond their age with their ideas
As database is there for them to get all ingredients
A platform to attain stardom
Now it’s not all about studying schoolbooks
It’s about getting all the knowledge
Beyond the limited walls of schools and libraries
A more tactical generation is coming up
Born and bred through virtual child hood

If i become a....

Just woke up
From the long slumber
Forgetting eves, nights and mornings
I’ve been swimming in ocean of dreams

I was wondering
What shall I become in future?
Ive dreamed myself
To be someone
Who could be a welcome change

If I become a salesman
I will sell dreams
To those who don’t have dreams
I will sell smiles
To those who forgot how to smile
I will sell hope
To those who live in tears of despair

If I become a painter
I will paint a new universe
With all the colors in this earth
I will paint the scened of every story
To take everyone to new worlds
Where movies can’t take them to

If I become a rockstar
I will create bigbang natural music
With the mix all earthly sounds
Zinking words with souls of joy and pain
Expressing the emotions of millions
Echoing all the way up to the space
I will try to spread message of peace and hope
Every time I step in a stage

If I become a designer
I will recreate the old marvels
In magical space age mode
I will design things that others wish
With inspiration from nature
Spreading awareness about the green world
Through alternate source and style

For now
I am nothing
Just a zero walking around
With a heart full of bright dreams
Hoping to make it big
Some day ,some how

10 Jan 2010

Piece of land,a beautliful curse

I am fortunate
To live in this gorgeous earth
With ever green forests and grasslands
Deserts , iceblocks and islands
Mountains,hills and valleys
Trenches ,craters,barren and  marshy lands
Surrounded by vast oceans
Cut through by curvy rivers,streams
Ponds ,lakes and lagoons
Like anyother human I have a dream
To own a piece of land
To live amidst the heart beats of nature
Far away from the world of gizmos
Where everything is unreal
Even a smile is faked up as customary
With words weaving nets of illusion to flatter
I am realising that our world has changed
From those neanderthal times
With sophistication of technology
Overriding our emotions
Luring towards products made for producing profits
We use it regardless of its necessity
I think we made our lives complex
Different from the times when they lived
Without airconditioners or aeroplanes
But the greed for land never changed
For centuries men gave up their lives
For their masters quests to capture lands
Millions of kids and women paid the price
When ruthless emotionless conquerors
Butchered and tortured them as symbols of victory
Now there are laws and customs
Nationally and internationally,all botched up
Suiting the policies of those in power
Using the loop holes in the laws
The cunning greedy people keeps siezing lands
Forging fake documents with authenticity
Forcing the real owners out of it
Using gangs of horror
When financial might creates a mountain
Of legal obstacles
Red tapes of government machinery
Entangles the ladders to the olive branch of justice
One realises the fact that land is up for grabs
Whenever someone else have their eyes on it
You can’t do much to stop the inevitable
Unless you have the support from all streams
And money to keep the tie wide open
To claw back the justice to the rightful
When legal drama continues in courts of justice
Loser is only the one who loved and kept the land
As years passes by in front of them
With no possibility to get something out of the land
Only money drains out towards attorneys
And all other arms of justice
The siezers can keep laughing
As they know sooner or later
Opponent will get dis illusioned
That’s the tactics they play to outwit the hapless
It’s the time for authorities to open their eyes
As hundreds of people suffer due to
Law twisting evils who call themselves gentlemen
Who rides their luck on spineless laws
That disputes the status of land
When there is nothing in real
Even I live in agony over one such
Piece of land
As generation changed,the mentle fell on me
It’s a beautiful curse that I want to get rid off
Cos,I am looking for peace
Than a piece of land which offers nothing but pain