12 Jan 2010

If i become a....

Just woke up
From the long slumber
Forgetting eves, nights and mornings
I’ve been swimming in ocean of dreams

I was wondering
What shall I become in future?
Ive dreamed myself
To be someone
Who could be a welcome change

If I become a salesman
I will sell dreams
To those who don’t have dreams
I will sell smiles
To those who forgot how to smile
I will sell hope
To those who live in tears of despair

If I become a painter
I will paint a new universe
With all the colors in this earth
I will paint the scened of every story
To take everyone to new worlds
Where movies can’t take them to

If I become a rockstar
I will create bigbang natural music
With the mix all earthly sounds
Zinking words with souls of joy and pain
Expressing the emotions of millions
Echoing all the way up to the space
I will try to spread message of peace and hope
Every time I step in a stage

If I become a designer
I will recreate the old marvels
In magical space age mode
I will design things that others wish
With inspiration from nature
Spreading awareness about the green world
Through alternate source and style

For now
I am nothing
Just a zero walking around
With a heart full of bright dreams
Hoping to make it big
Some day ,some how

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