10 Jan 2010

Piece of land,a beautliful curse

I am fortunate
To live in this gorgeous earth
With ever green forests and grasslands
Deserts , iceblocks and islands
Mountains,hills and valleys
Trenches ,craters,barren and  marshy lands
Surrounded by vast oceans
Cut through by curvy rivers,streams
Ponds ,lakes and lagoons
Like anyother human I have a dream
To own a piece of land
To live amidst the heart beats of nature
Far away from the world of gizmos
Where everything is unreal
Even a smile is faked up as customary
With words weaving nets of illusion to flatter
I am realising that our world has changed
From those neanderthal times
With sophistication of technology
Overriding our emotions
Luring towards products made for producing profits
We use it regardless of its necessity
I think we made our lives complex
Different from the times when they lived
Without airconditioners or aeroplanes
But the greed for land never changed
For centuries men gave up their lives
For their masters quests to capture lands
Millions of kids and women paid the price
When ruthless emotionless conquerors
Butchered and tortured them as symbols of victory
Now there are laws and customs
Nationally and internationally,all botched up
Suiting the policies of those in power
Using the loop holes in the laws
The cunning greedy people keeps siezing lands
Forging fake documents with authenticity
Forcing the real owners out of it
Using gangs of horror
When financial might creates a mountain
Of legal obstacles
Red tapes of government machinery
Entangles the ladders to the olive branch of justice
One realises the fact that land is up for grabs
Whenever someone else have their eyes on it
You can’t do much to stop the inevitable
Unless you have the support from all streams
And money to keep the tie wide open
To claw back the justice to the rightful
When legal drama continues in courts of justice
Loser is only the one who loved and kept the land
As years passes by in front of them
With no possibility to get something out of the land
Only money drains out towards attorneys
And all other arms of justice
The siezers can keep laughing
As they know sooner or later
Opponent will get dis illusioned
That’s the tactics they play to outwit the hapless
It’s the time for authorities to open their eyes
As hundreds of people suffer due to
Law twisting evils who call themselves gentlemen
Who rides their luck on spineless laws
That disputes the status of land
When there is nothing in real
Even I live in agony over one such
Piece of land
As generation changed,the mentle fell on me
It’s a beautiful curse that I want to get rid off
Cos,I am looking for peace
Than a piece of land which offers nothing but pain

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