12 Jan 2010

Virtual childhood

Childhood, a memorable period in life
With innocence flowing down like ncectar
Curiosity to know about everything
Comes instinctively from the blood
As each passing day moves into a shade with a wish
That someday I will also grow up like my idol
So strong and so smart
Dreaming to become super heroes
Like in the movies that I saw recently
Well slowly, things are changing
As kids are born beside the gadgets
They become knowledgeable even before they mature
As internet and television takes them
To a world of knowledge
Good and bad
Rather than playing on grass or fields with friends
The general leisure sports
More and more kids are playing alone
In their rooms using computers', mobile phones',playstations'
Nindetos and countless gadgets
Playing themselves as the heroes
Shedding virtual blood with fun
They race on virtual fast cars and bikes
Than on their cycles
Dead toys are getting old fashioned
With electronic gizmos taking their place
Kids now know things, which their parents struggle to learn
They just sneaks into the horizons of forbidden trut
Even before their minds are ready to take it
Some of them wish to try out, to quench curiosity
With virtual strangers lurking out in dark internet highway
To take advantage of straying lambs
It is a vulnerable childhood
With temptations everywhere
When all the heroes do nothing moral or logical
There is a curious case of y-generation asking
Wh ‘y’ we shouldn’t do this and that?!
With no censorships to keep kids away
Every distorted facts looks like truth for them
When parents themselves can’t be role model
Given their troubles their past
Their silence act as manure for growing as rebels
But virtual world also boosts whiz kids
Who just grows beyond their age with their ideas
As database is there for them to get all ingredients
A platform to attain stardom
Now it’s not all about studying schoolbooks
It’s about getting all the knowledge
Beyond the limited walls of schools and libraries
A more tactical generation is coming up
Born and bred through virtual child hood

1 comment:

Jessie Carty said...

i think you could condense this a bit but a really fantastic idea!