13 Jan 2010

Winter Rain

It’s raining hard
With lightning and thunders
For long hours
As more grey clouds are coming in
It’s not the monsoon
Nor the summer shower
Can’t believe
It’s a winter rain !

It was hot during the daytime
right from the mornings
And even at nights, there was no cool air
I hoped for misty mornings
As I started my new walking routine
I love the scene of trees and flowers
bathed by the naughty mist at night
when i go out in the morning
This time around,rains bathed them
without giving time to dry themselves

I love the sight of sun rays
melting and vaporising the mist
from the leaves and all around
As time nears the noon
if you look at the sky
You can see vapor rising up the sky like smoke
I'vent seen it yet this year

Fogs are thing of the past
I remember those  days
when fog conquered miles and miles
even the hills disappeared under its carpet
i miss that dark thick blanket of fog
that comes every year

Everyone is relying on ceiling fans and air coolers
To keep away the heat
But as the barometer kept rising
Drops of heavenly rain started showering down
As I laid down resting after football game
At my old haunting ground
It’s been raining ever since
And it seems, there is to more to come
I wonder why we have to get the cooler air
Albeit the surprise rain
Northern parts of are
Swamped under the freezing cold
Even the neighboring states are feeling the cold
I wonder what happened to this hilly seaside state
We never get snow here
But this is the only time we get some fog and chilly air
How did it elude us?
Rather, we are carrying umbrellas
Elsewhere,kids couldnt play outside
 due to snow or chilly weather
Here,it's the rain keeping them inside

Is this a sign for future?
Is global warming a myth or reality
Monsoon is faltering
And now we are getting a new kind of rain
At the cost of a winter!
As I listen to the news about the deep freeze in UK
And the erratic snow patterns around the world
As certain places got more snow than they do
Catching them in awkward
And keeping them indoors
Relying on the heating systems
I wonder if we will get to face
Even the slighter winter we get normally
I wish to see the back of winter rain
Rather I wish to see it during summer

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Jessie Carty said...

this is another one that feels like a good start. i think you could easily condense this one as well and make it even stronger! have you looked into zoetrope.com? forgot if I mentioned it. you can sign up and critique poems and get your own poems critiques :)