29 May 2010


Give the wings to a butterfly, which lost its wings
You will see it slowly trying to rise up and down
Trying to learn to fly again to see the world once again
As it has got in its mind, the images about a garden
Where there are beautiful flowers with exotic aroma
The wish to taste that sweet honey once again
The wish to fly with bunch of other butterflies
The wish to pollinate the countless romantic flowers
The wish to contribute its part in this world
These wishes are powerful to push it higher towards sky
Then will free its new wings to breeze through the wind
Waving back a grateful smile for letting it fly again
That smile is priceless and that joy is unforgettable
Give wings to dreams of someone and let them fly
You will get that beautiful smile full of love

1 comment:

Roopa said...

awesome poem dear, it gives a gud message too, yet another wonderful poem of urs, kip it up- ROOPA