29 Jun 2010

Bleeding Tears

You cry, when you are hurt
It is same with others
When you hurt someone
You might not know, the depth of their wounds
That you inflicted upon their hearts
As you are kept away, from those grief
As they believe,
You won’t be able to understand it
They just wish a piece of mercy from you
Some moments of peace away from you
It’s not due to any hatred
They just wish for some calmer times
Not to be hurt furthermore
As they prefer to cry in the loneliness
Without letting, anyone see their tears
Sometimes, excessive tears can induce bleeding
Through the nose without any warning
The more they love you
The tears will be harder to stop
As they don’t expect you to hurt so bad
Unlike others
They panic to control the blood and tears
Yet without any anger or ill feelings
It’s cruel not to see the depth of that love
Be it friendship or any relation
You don’t have any right to hurt anyone
Even if they have hurt you once in past
Even if you don’t care
At least can spare them with their plight
If you care, apologize from heart
All those tears will melt down into relief
As you are someone with high esteem in their heart
Control your anger when you are with your beloved
Your words have power to heal or hurt
Measure it with precision to constrain
As even, you don’t wish to cause anyone to bleed
Unintentional, yet if someone bleeds with tears
Care them and make them feel better
And never make them cry again
Tears are dangerous than you think
There is no point in loving from heart
If you can’t show it when it matters
Sometimes words are enough to console
Spare some words and use the better ones  
Rather than cussing, just tell with calmness
What you feel, they will understand
If you wish their happiness
Never let them cry with your words
Cos tears bleeds sometimes
It’s painful than you can imagine 

Some times i find hard to control anger.Only later i realise that,ive hurt someone when i was angry.Well,unintentional rants can land someone in trouble with tears,Experience taught me this lesson.


I wish to cease the time 
So that i could save some 
As it is running so fast
Leaving me desperate to catch
Some breath in between my quests 

This poem derived from my feeling that 24 hours isn't enough to complete the tasks on a given day.I am lazy enough,but strive to do a lot,reaching nowhere. Yeah, i would love some planet where there are more than 24 hrs available in day.Lol.

28 Jun 2010

Rainbow Prince

Rainbow Prince
He is pretty and witty
 A perfect secret soul mate
He lives in her diaries and heart
Someone she calls her own
He travels with her all day
And rests in her words at night
He fills her dreams with magic
He grew with her words over the years
A bonding untold
He knows her teenage dreams
He knows her ambitions
He is her boyfriend
Whom she makes jealous
She looks up to him to wipe her tears
She looks up to him to hug her joys
She lives a life with a life with him
Far away from the eyes of people around her
He sits beside her until she catches sound sleep
She tells him everything happened on that day
 He is her warrior who fights for her anger
She tries to find him in those pretty faces
That catches her attention
He is her ideal man
But she knows, nobody can be like him
He is her confidante to store her secrets
He never hurts her, just loves her
She prefer this prince over all flirts
 Cos they look for only fun
They don’t have time for her feelings
This is her perfect fairytale love story
That keeps her going in her loneliness
There is no place for heartbreaks
As she fights and patches up everyday
A routine she loves to follow
She has obligations to meet
Can’t hurt anyone,
He taught her what love is  
Gave her courage to face life
He lets her enjoy life to the fullest
Finding happiness in whatever she do
Someday a man will come to take her away
But, she will take her rainbow prince with her
She will try to assimilate him in her man
A tough task, but it’s a wish

This poem is about a secret imaginary lover of my friend.There might be million rainbow princes living in hearts of millions of girls.  

A never-ending wait

Sitting in the verandah
A dad was in thoughts
A dilapidated cycle hung from the roof
A reminiscent of a colorful past
It’s three years
Since his son got nabbed
Still got the hope of his return soon
Police nabbed him as a suspected rebel
In the eyes of rebels
He was an informer
Caught in between two warring fronts
Like him, many poor people are struggling
Living in fear
No justice
No help towards freedom
Death or life at somebody’s mercy
Join a front
It’s a risk
Cos informers are deep-rooted within village
A life without peace or aim
Survival is the only dream
But that dream soured
As the son finally got released
Rebels took their turn to nab him
Charged him with crime of informing
Executed without mercy
I wonder what sort of revolution is this!
They fight for the so-called poor
They terrorize the same poor
They kill the same poor mercilessly
What crime did those poor people commit?
No one has answer
In few days that dad will know
That his son won’t come back ever
He lived with one hope until now
Return of his beloved son
Who will answer for his broken dreams?
Can anyone give him back the soul?
That he took care for so many years
Now he face the lonely old age without support
Those who can’t see the pain of a dad
They can’t be humans
They are just butchers of innocent people
For their selfish glory

This poem is about a real life incident.There are many families in that part of the world who are facing this situation,caught in between rebels and authorities.Suspected by both parties,and they pay the price for being innocent.

27 Jun 2010

A day for yourself

Take a break from your anger
Take a break from your tensions
Take a break from your tears
Take a break from your regrets
Take a break from your dreams

Give yourself a day for peace
Go out and spread all your love
Shower all your care
Fly yourself in a world of freedom

Give compliments to the ones closer to you
Tell you mother and sisters
That they are beautiful
Tell your girl friends that they are sexy
Tell your brothers and friends
That they are handsome

Go out and spread the love
Let others know how much they mean to you
Make them feel wanted
As they makes up your world
In sorrows and joy alike

Have a great, peaceful day
Keep sometime for yourself
To rest and rejuvenate
As the marathon of life keeps going on
And you are just a runner
Trying to cross the finishing line
But the finishing line keeps moving away
As you reach near it
No one can sit back and live in glorious past
Cos tomorrow is a new day
With new tasks to finish and new glories to achieve

This poem is derived from the message sent by my friend July.

Butterflies garden

I started walking in the morning
To see the fog and breathe the fresh air
I climbed a lonesome hill hugged by clouds
I wanted to join them at the top
I saw many happy faces trekking down
Laughing and smiling as if life is full of joy
I wondered why I could not walk like them!
Without worries about an uncertain future
Without the thoughts about a painful past
Without the fear about the tasks, I’ve to complete
Along the road, I saw a diversion
I stood for a while
I looked at the summit
Where my favourite clouds are waiting for me
With my seat on that sculptured rock unoccupied
I am eager to reach the summit
Before someone else, occupy my kingdom
But i was tempted by the scenery
Of an unknown, haunting path
Fully covered by over grown grasses
But I saw the intention mark of tyres
Suggesting that someone recently travelled
Through that path
The trees had a weary look with no leaves
I saw the golden leaves scattered all around
I wondered, why I didn’t notice this path before?
I’ve climbed this hill so many times
I decided to see what’s there inside that beautiful wood
Though, I feared for the presence of snakes and other reptiles
I walked through the path by following the tyre marks
As I kept moving, the sun started shining more
I saw some warehouses
But there were no one around
I was eager to go farther to see what is there
I saw the blue sky through a vast opening
As the trees ceased to exist
I saw a beautiful valley and a lake
The valley looked splendid with the array of roses
A vast area divided into sectors
Housing red, blue, white, yellow
And countless other type of roses
As i reached amidst the roses
I saw a jeep parked on the lakefront
An old man was sailing slowly in his boat
I think it was the gardener
As i looked around, i was stunned
At first glance, it looked like rain of golden leaves
As I watched carefully, i realised

It’s a flock of Colourful butterflies, each a masterpiece
Flew down from the hill and took their fiefdoms
Each rose for a butterfly, peacefully closed their wings
Sipped the honey with pleasure
And then flapped their wings and flew up
Moving towards other roses
They resembled the migratory birds that travel in groups
With some butterflies, sticking in smaller groups
And enjoying lighter moments
I looked at the art patterns in their wings
Any painter will be proud of it to paint
These butterflies were enjoying their freedom
Flying with happiness as if nothing else matters
It looked as if a colony of butterflies
And i was like a intruder, but well welcomed
As some butterflies came and sat on me
As more and more of them kept coming
I chose to say good-bye to them and walked back
As i tracked back through that road
I noticed the humps of leaves spread across
The land beneath the trees
Those leaves were bed for thousands of butterflies
They left their bodies behind in this heaven
Their souls are still flying around
Don’t know where they are from
But they came here to their own paradise
A place to celebrate their short life
To enjoy and bid adieu to this world 

This poem is inspired by a video i saw on tv,which showed millions of butterflies travelling to a place together.

26 Jun 2010

Messenger of Hope

There are phases in life
Where the smiles beckons you
Luck evades your path for long
Everything goes against your wishes
No plans take off for redemption
Feeling of despair overwhelms
Thoughts of failures loom large
Your hearts sinks into unruly depression

You wish for a helping hand
You pray harder for better luck
Waits for change in fortune
With seamless draining of tears in agony

There was need for money for Dave
Already slumped in depths of debts
With no one to approach for help
He sat with exasperation, with no hope

For all the help he did for others
At the time of distress, he did get back
Surprisingly, from the quarters he never expected
Cos god never leaves one to struggle for long

From nowhere he came
Someone who pave the way
To the shore of security
Someone with the words
Transforms the mentality
May be a stranger or friend
Send by god for changing destiny
“That’s the messenger of hope”

When he felt, there is no road ahead again
Sat on the bridge to jump into river
Passer by asked him, why are you doing so?
Dave said, I’ve no hopes left in life to live

Stranger said, son you came this far
You battled hard against the odds
May be your luck is just some steps away
Don’t faze, just give it a try, don’t give up

Dave walked back to life
Worked harder than ever before
Even when things went wrong, he kept his cool
Eventually he succeeded in his quest

He remembered that person
Who came from nowhere!

This life has lot to offer
You never know, what lies ahead
Just hang on in there
Cos for every downfall, there is a rise
For every struggle, there is a day of joy ahead
Some one will come to your life, to change destiny
That’s messenger of hope”

This is a poem inspired from a true incident told by a middle aged person,whom i met on a queue.I was about to return in disappointment,and he told this incident and asked me to go and see what is  in store for me.Luck or coincidence,i got my stuff sorted out that day.

24 Jun 2010


Love isn’t a sin, love isn’t a crime

There is no need to run away from it
Love is like a wind, it just flows into the heart
No matter, how much you try to avoid it

20 Jun 2010


Monsoon, Mosquitios, and World cup

World cup Opener

Under the bright sunshine
The dancers put up a spectacle
With singers trying to spread
The spirit of Africa
It is a historic day for a big continent
Hosting the world cup for first time
Showcasing the arrival of a new giants
The massive soccer city stadium
Stunned me as it looked massive
On par with top football stadiums

17 Jun 2010

Gun ‘n’ tears

We are living in a jungle of guns
We don’t know who have it with them
Everything looks peaceful
Once in a while
We hear that someone went crazy
With a gun
Shooting down innocent people
Who were just walking down the street
Or living on with their daily routines
In colleges, schools or some public space
We go out with a belief
That we will return home safe
We can’t predict a vehicle hitting us over
Just like that, there’s no guarantee
That we will be safe from guns
Lawmakers provide the liberty to all
To own guns for their safety
I wonder if everyone who owns guns
Really have any kind of threat
How can anyone justify themselves
After Shying away the responsibility
Authorities gave guns and ammunitions
To the revolting rebels
To unstablize various nations
Later they grew up as terror monsters
Attacking the old friends and old enemies alike
With no mercy
Authorities closed eyes on gangs
They closed eyes on illegal trades
Now they have huge reserve of arms
Enough to engage in fights with even armies
Pirates, Maoists, religious armies  
Ethnic miltants, you name anything
They all got guns to shoot down innocent people
Guns shoots bullets
Piercing through the body
And takes away the lives
But bullets don’t know
That it is killing anyone
It’s a dead metal born to kill
And to bring tears from countless eyes
No words or rewards could ever wipe out
Those tears from those eyes
Even after years goes by
Loss of beloved ones through bullets
That’s very tough on growing up children
Having to face an uncertain future
Can anyone explain why they need guns?
Just as they have right to live
We have same rights to live
Nobody has the right to take away
A valuable life
Nobody has the power to heal the tears
Then why they shoot those bullets
Those who lose their breadwinners
 Struggle to make the ends
Their tears never end
As they try to repair their lives
The loss to a bullet will haunt them
Helpless to do anything
Some may take revenge with bullets
But that keeps the cycle of guns and tears
Running endlessly with vengeance
Somebody has to stop it someday
That day might not come
But we can hope

As i watch more and more visuals of gun battles and loss of lives,it just makes me sad as i've seen death in front of me .

Fire Walk

A pit in the premises of a temple
Filled with red hot charcoal
Resembling the molten lava
A crowd waiting eagerly
With their souls dedicated to prayers
An aura of spirituality fumed in air
In the darkness of late night
They are all awake in anticipation
Even the stars and moon watched
With curiosity
As the priest blessed the chosen ones
Dressed in the holy colors
Totally immersed in devotion
The spirit of the crowd rose
The chants of applause
Cheered up the chosen ones
They had their eyes on that pit
It shined and lured
Them like expensive jewelry
They took bunch of neem leaves
In their hands
And lined up to walk over that hot bed
Nobody had the fear of burn
Only one thing in mind
Pure dedication to the task
To show their affection to the god
One by one they walked
They didn’t run
They didn’t cry
Even when it seemed like burning
They walked and returned for more
The chants of devotion reached new highs
As prayers conquered the whole area
As they felt the presence of ultimate energy
At the end of the ritual
They applied holy ash on their legs
And rested in tranquility
With a sense of satisfaction
About fulfilling the pledge
Taken during some tough times
That they will do this if they succeed
This is just a return of favor
From heart to please almighty
There may be skeptical onlookers
Who question the logic
But ,some times
Belief ,Customs and experiences
Can stand tall as solemn truth
Defying all logics
Fire walk
It’s a divine walk
To defeat the fear
To defeat the sins
To embrace the goodness
To embrace the god
As a true devotee

I was inspired by the devotion of many people who walked over the fire pits during special festivals in certain temples. 

16 Jun 2010


At every juncture
Life gives choices
Different paths to chose
In different directions
It gives no guarantees
But Just hope
May show footprints
Of those who travelled through those paths
But no real tips
As through same paths
Two individuals may embrace
Entirely extreme outcomes
So it’s down to oneself
To judge the choice
One path can lead to glory
One path can lead to gloom
One path may be safe and trusted
But may offer limited returns
One path may be too risky
But many have made it big
Going through that path
Many succumbed to the pit hole
Some paths are unknown
Waiting to be discovered
Waiting to be tamed
To create history
It’s adventurous but offers only uncertainty
A lifetime decision is on the line
Whether to choose a safe path
Whether to choose high-risk path
Whether to choose an unknown path
We all face this throughout our life
We get it right sometime
To clinch success and happiness
We get it wrong sometime
To fall in the line of regret and tears
But life goes on
Every day we have to choose
And rest of the days depends on that choice
We can’t freeze our life
If we stand to think
Time moves on and the opportunity
We may not get another one
But sometimes
Its all about two choice
Whether to choose something we love to do
Or to choose something that will give lot of money
When we do things, we dreamt to do
We find satisfaction
Even if we have to sacrifice
Things we do out of compulsion is mechanical
But it can give secured feeling
Even access to brighter new world
Different to what we ever imagined
When time is a constraint
When our decision affects many others
It has to be perfect
We can’t be selfish
If we choose to be daring
We shouldn’t turn back at the middle
We can’t jeopardize others dreams
We have to stick with it to the end
Giving the best and hoping for the best
If we are unsure
It’s time to be practical
It’s the time to rise above
Emotions and sentiments
It’s the time to show the courage
To choose what suits everyone
Without any regrets
As years later
We might come across a point
Where we turn and glance at past
We might say we could have done different
But still, every choice is a risk
But we can’t run away from taking it
As if we don’t
Some other will choose our destiny
That will be painful
As it’s beyond us to do anything to change it
So when we have the choices
We should choose the one that suits us the best
Not the one to appease anyone
Not the one to emulate someone
Those who dared to choose
Always found happiness
Those who chocked to choose
Always found regrets
Life is a journey of choices
And we have to keep choosing
Until this journey is over for good

15 Jun 2010

Delightful Nap

Afternoon blues was in the air
A relief of sunshine
After so many rainy days
I was travelling with my friend
On his bike
As we reached a traffic point
While waiting for the green signal
I turned aside and watched
An abandoned nameless memorial
With rectangular base
And reducing height towards top
It was built on spacious median
That was amidst a series of roads
In different directions
The outer brick basement was dilapidated
The grass on its premises were over grown
But the monument was in good condition
Standing tall with a question mark
Do you know why I am standing here?
I wonder if civic authorities have an answer
But it’s a nice little asylum for a dog couple
They were lying on parallel sides
They were in deep slumber
The noises of the vehicles didn’t deter them
Not even the scorching heat of sunny day
Deterred them from a well deserved rest
After their tough efforts to feed themselves
In a busy part of the city
I guess, they had their food somehow
It’s not an easy life for stray dogs in a city
They face the dangers of speeding vehicles
They face the wrath of angry Samaritans
They face the ire of shop owners or securities
But there might be someone helping them
With kindness
Still, it’s a daunting task to survive
Feeding on the dumped waste foods
But looking at their faces
I found the peace and happiness they share
They don’t have puppies
Totally isolated from group of dogs
That I found some kilometers back
They are made for each other
Facing life together with one heart
I felt jealous at those dogs
As we keep running during whole of the day
To get many things done and to earn
But we don’t have the time
To enjoy a delightful nap in the afternoon
We don’t have any peace
To rest with satisfaction
As we can’t rest in laurels
More targets to achieve less time to spend
We have to keep running
I wished that all of us could afford
A peaceful nap in afternoons
As we ride away to our next destination
Once the green signal flashed

14 Jun 2010


When life becomes a cruel joke
Learn to laugh at it from heart
You can’t catch those lost things
With your craving hands again
You can see them vanishing
In the depths of moving time
You can wait, if you wish
But you know, its beyond you
Try to walk without turning back
Through a new way towards eternity
 From where you stand right now 

12 Jun 2010

Buried Alive

She dreamed like a bird
She smiled like an angel
She thought like a revolutionary
She didn’t lead a revolt
She just befriended a guy
Her teenage heart didn’t see
Anything wrong to talk to a guy
As he was her own classmate
She found the happiness
In a thing her society wrote off as sin
For ages
She never knew
That she must pay a big price
For her innocent mistake
She only saw the bright colors
That life offered to her
But others never tried to see the same
As their eyes were blinded
With the iron curtain of myth
They believe
Men can marry many women
But its sin for women to talk
To unrelated men
They shouldn’t go alone anywhere
They should cover even their eyes
With the golden linen of silence
Showing respect to tradition
They should remain
Within the high walls of forts
Without dreaming any sort of freedom
She just wished to talk
She just wished to mingle
With those who felt as friends
But ,in the name of tradition
In the name of pride of family
Nobody listened to her tears
Nobody listened to her prayers
To let her live
To let her see this world for some more days
Without any support
Her fragile body couldn’t break free
From the chains of power
That simply dumped her in a trench
As she cried out loud for help
Nobody in this world heard it
As they shoveled down lumps of soil
To cover the trench
She glanced at the sky with tearful eyes
She couldn’t move as her legs are stuck
She couldn’t move her hands
As soil covered it totally
Remnants of soil covered her hair
And that beautiful face
Gasping for miracle
She begged for final time
God taught them to show mercy
Nobody dared to show mercy to her
As they shoveled more soil
On to her final moments in this world
The blue sky and colors vanished for her
As soil darkened her vision
And later it disconnected her life
From this cruel world
Granting her the freedom
To explore heaven
She wished to explore earth, though
Buried alive-her dreams
Buried alive-her tears
Buried alive-her world
But they couldn’t bury her soul
She will fly all across this world
To inspire women to dream
To break free themselves from the walls
To throw away the linens of silence
To demand their right to live free
One day

I was deeply moved by an incident that happened in this beautiful earth and that prompted me to write this.

Rain - A curse

Rain evokes fond memories of a hilly village Magically transforming the idle soil green Springs drooling towards the river downhill...