9 Jun 2010

Azeeb Girl: Bored forever

I found a chirpy girl
With an image of a small girl
With hat on her lovely hair
On a online community
Always indulged in counting
In a game, count one to ten
I thought it’s a kid
She is quite a grown up girl
Yet still kiddish
Watching shin-Chan always
With the passion of a small kid
Goes to college
To bunk her classes
Or feels too lazy to go
And remains at home
Loves talking with friends
All the time
So cute that she got many admirers
Always confused
What to do in life
I wondered
How someone can get so much bored
But knowing her for years
I learned, it’s quite natural!
With no hobbies
With no interest in any kind of activities
The funny talks keep her going
Chitchatting for hours as if never ends
I wish at least she learn how to dream
Loves pranking on friends
Talks less but asks a lot
For her nothing is as cool
As hanging out with friends
And sipping on her favorite juices
I wonder when will this girl grow up !
A sweet Azeeb
Always flowing around like an angel
Trying to spread happiness
A devout friend for many

This poem is for and about my friend Areej.She wanted to see if i can write a poetry on her.Hope that she liked it.  

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