29 Jun 2010

Bleeding Tears

You cry, when you are hurt
It is same with others
When you hurt someone
You might not know, the depth of their wounds
That you inflicted upon their hearts
As you are kept away, from those grief
As they believe,
You won’t be able to understand it
They just wish a piece of mercy from you
Some moments of peace away from you
It’s not due to any hatred
They just wish for some calmer times
Not to be hurt furthermore
As they prefer to cry in the loneliness
Without letting, anyone see their tears
Sometimes, excessive tears can induce bleeding
Through the nose without any warning
The more they love you
The tears will be harder to stop
As they don’t expect you to hurt so bad
Unlike others
They panic to control the blood and tears
Yet without any anger or ill feelings
It’s cruel not to see the depth of that love
Be it friendship or any relation
You don’t have any right to hurt anyone
Even if they have hurt you once in past
Even if you don’t care
At least can spare them with their plight
If you care, apologize from heart
All those tears will melt down into relief
As you are someone with high esteem in their heart
Control your anger when you are with your beloved
Your words have power to heal or hurt
Measure it with precision to constrain
As even, you don’t wish to cause anyone to bleed
Unintentional, yet if someone bleeds with tears
Care them and make them feel better
And never make them cry again
Tears are dangerous than you think
There is no point in loving from heart
If you can’t show it when it matters
Sometimes words are enough to console
Spare some words and use the better ones  
Rather than cussing, just tell with calmness
What you feel, they will understand
If you wish their happiness
Never let them cry with your words
Cos tears bleeds sometimes
It’s painful than you can imagine 

Some times i find hard to control anger.Only later i realise that,ive hurt someone when i was angry.Well,unintentional rants can land someone in trouble with tears,Experience taught me this lesson.


Luisa Doraz said...

I believe my actions speak louder than my words. I live my life like I do not know when I will not be able to live it. I cherish every day and every moment. :) You are a poet with a lot of soul. Your words speak out. I wish you much happiness with your blog. Thank you for always leaving nice comments on my blog. Have a day full of many smiles. :)

Nithin R S said...

Thanks for commenting on my poems.There is something i love about your blog.You always bring something cheerful and thought worthy.Well,have a nice day.Enjoy,yeah with smiles.