12 Jun 2010

Buried Alive

She dreamed like a bird
She smiled like an angel
She thought like a revolutionary
She didn’t lead a revolt
She just befriended a guy
Her teenage heart didn’t see
Anything wrong to talk to a guy
As he was her own classmate
She found the happiness
In a thing her society wrote off as sin
For ages
She never knew
That she must pay a big price
For her innocent mistake
She only saw the bright colors
That life offered to her
But others never tried to see the same
As their eyes were blinded
With the iron curtain of myth
They believe
Men can marry many women
But its sin for women to talk
To unrelated men
They shouldn’t go alone anywhere
They should cover even their eyes
With the golden linen of silence
Showing respect to tradition
They should remain
Within the high walls of forts
Without dreaming any sort of freedom
She just wished to talk
She just wished to mingle
With those who felt as friends
But ,in the name of tradition
In the name of pride of family
Nobody listened to her tears
Nobody listened to her prayers
To let her live
To let her see this world for some more days
Without any support
Her fragile body couldn’t break free
From the chains of power
That simply dumped her in a trench
As she cried out loud for help
Nobody in this world heard it
As they shoveled down lumps of soil
To cover the trench
She glanced at the sky with tearful eyes
She couldn’t move as her legs are stuck
She couldn’t move her hands
As soil covered it totally
Remnants of soil covered her hair
And that beautiful face
Gasping for miracle
She begged for final time
God taught them to show mercy
Nobody dared to show mercy to her
As they shoveled more soil
On to her final moments in this world
The blue sky and colors vanished for her
As soil darkened her vision
And later it disconnected her life
From this cruel world
Granting her the freedom
To explore heaven
She wished to explore earth, though
Buried alive-her dreams
Buried alive-her tears
Buried alive-her world
But they couldn’t bury her soul
She will fly all across this world
To inspire women to dream
To break free themselves from the walls
To throw away the linens of silence
To demand their right to live free
One day

I was deeply moved by an incident that happened in this beautiful earth and that prompted me to write this.


Anonymous said...

awsum job

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JPK said...

Good one. Thanks for voting. Will come back to read more of your poetry. Keep blogging.


Nithin R S said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.Cheers.