16 Jun 2010


At every juncture
Life gives choices
Different paths to chose
In different directions
It gives no guarantees
But Just hope
May show footprints
Of those who travelled through those paths
But no real tips
As through same paths
Two individuals may embrace
Entirely extreme outcomes
So it’s down to oneself
To judge the choice
One path can lead to glory
One path can lead to gloom
One path may be safe and trusted
But may offer limited returns
One path may be too risky
But many have made it big
Going through that path
Many succumbed to the pit hole
Some paths are unknown
Waiting to be discovered
Waiting to be tamed
To create history
It’s adventurous but offers only uncertainty
A lifetime decision is on the line
Whether to choose a safe path
Whether to choose high-risk path
Whether to choose an unknown path
We all face this throughout our life
We get it right sometime
To clinch success and happiness
We get it wrong sometime
To fall in the line of regret and tears
But life goes on
Every day we have to choose
And rest of the days depends on that choice
We can’t freeze our life
If we stand to think
Time moves on and the opportunity
We may not get another one
But sometimes
Its all about two choice
Whether to choose something we love to do
Or to choose something that will give lot of money
When we do things, we dreamt to do
We find satisfaction
Even if we have to sacrifice
Things we do out of compulsion is mechanical
But it can give secured feeling
Even access to brighter new world
Different to what we ever imagined
When time is a constraint
When our decision affects many others
It has to be perfect
We can’t be selfish
If we choose to be daring
We shouldn’t turn back at the middle
We can’t jeopardize others dreams
We have to stick with it to the end
Giving the best and hoping for the best
If we are unsure
It’s time to be practical
It’s the time to rise above
Emotions and sentiments
It’s the time to show the courage
To choose what suits everyone
Without any regrets
As years later
We might come across a point
Where we turn and glance at past
We might say we could have done different
But still, every choice is a risk
But we can’t run away from taking it
As if we don’t
Some other will choose our destiny
That will be painful
As it’s beyond us to do anything to change it
So when we have the choices
We should choose the one that suits us the best
Not the one to appease anyone
Not the one to emulate someone
Those who dared to choose
Always found happiness
Those who chocked to choose
Always found regrets
Life is a journey of choices
And we have to keep choosing
Until this journey is over for good

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