22 Jun 2010

Crazy idaft

Work it ,make it,do it harder
Work it,make it,do it stronger
Work it,make it,do it faster

Work it,more than hour
Make it,more than  hour
Do it ,more then  hour

Work it harder more than ever
Make it better more than ever 
Do it faster than ever

Our work is more than  harder
Our work is more than better
Our work is more than  faster

After harder work is over 
Makes us better more than ever
Makes us stronger more then ever
Makes us faster more than ever 
Never ever do it
After work hour is over 

This funny poem is totally inspired by this funny application   idaft .Try idaft and you can come up with your own funny versesThis poetry is apt for participating in  bridgetchumbley blog carnival on the prompt # Laughter.  Image courtesy: idaft


Luisa Doraz said...

I like your poem. :) You got me in the mood to work it. lol :) I am happy to see that you enjoy blogging. I appreciate your nice comments on my blog. Have a fun and silly week. Smile. :)

Nithin R S said...

Nice to hear that,my poem got you in mood to work.Well thanks for your comment.Well yeah,have a great week.Enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

This poem felt like I should be singing it! Very motivating. Thanks for sharing!

Nithin R S said...

Bridget,thanks for reading. It was so much fun to play with idaft. It just sound like a song as there is voice in the application and background score.