6 Jun 2010

A Crow in the rain

It’s monsoon time here
Rain clouds have built their kingdom in the sky
Chilly winds have started their wild swings
Slight drizzle made those waving coconut trees
Look pretty as newlywed bride
As I watched them through my window
I saw a lonely crow sitting calmly
On the top of tilted roof of a neighborhood house
The roof made of well-woven coconut leaves
Always bear a nostalgic style
In the middle of a concrete jungle
It’s rare to see a crow drenching in rain
So I wondered, why is it sitting there patiently
Is it struggling to fly!
Did it lose its way!
Once in a while, it waved its wings
To drain away the water from its body
And its ash colored neck took a weary look
Just like a hunk having a funky hairstyle
Then I saw a flock of rain insects
Flying from the backside of that house
And my new friend had its eye on them
Just like any predator, so sharp and so focused
Rose very slow making less noise
It snatched one fly with its beak
Without sitting back, it snatched some more
Then took rest for a while
And waited for some more preys
Seeing the bravery of this friend
Some crows flew towards the roof
They sat on it keeping a distance
It reminded me of a row in my school assembly
Without any in fights
They took their fiefdoms to hunt
Rain didn’t deter their quest
As hunger dominated their will
After they finished their decent lunch
They flew away to find shades to rest
As the rain started withdrawing from the scene
The image of my lonesome friend in my mind
Made me wonder
Why I didn’t capture it’s snap!


Anonymous said...

Nice ! I like watching rain !

Nithin R S said...

You know monsoon in kerala is so beautiful.Well thanks for your comment.