15 Jun 2010

Delightful Nap

Afternoon blues was in the air
A relief of sunshine
After so many rainy days
I was travelling with my friend
On his bike
As we reached a traffic point
While waiting for the green signal
I turned aside and watched
An abandoned nameless memorial
With rectangular base
And reducing height towards top
It was built on spacious median
That was amidst a series of roads
In different directions
The outer brick basement was dilapidated
The grass on its premises were over grown
But the monument was in good condition
Standing tall with a question mark
Do you know why I am standing here?
I wonder if civic authorities have an answer
But it’s a nice little asylum for a dog couple
They were lying on parallel sides
They were in deep slumber
The noises of the vehicles didn’t deter them
Not even the scorching heat of sunny day
Deterred them from a well deserved rest
After their tough efforts to feed themselves
In a busy part of the city
I guess, they had their food somehow
It’s not an easy life for stray dogs in a city
They face the dangers of speeding vehicles
They face the wrath of angry Samaritans
They face the ire of shop owners or securities
But there might be someone helping them
With kindness
Still, it’s a daunting task to survive
Feeding on the dumped waste foods
But looking at their faces
I found the peace and happiness they share
They don’t have puppies
Totally isolated from group of dogs
That I found some kilometers back
They are made for each other
Facing life together with one heart
I felt jealous at those dogs
As we keep running during whole of the day
To get many things done and to earn
But we don’t have the time
To enjoy a delightful nap in the afternoon
We don’t have any peace
To rest with satisfaction
As we can’t rest in laurels
More targets to achieve less time to spend
We have to keep running
I wished that all of us could afford
A peaceful nap in afternoons
As we ride away to our next destination
Once the green signal flashed

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