20 Jun 2010


A fumble

It changed the match
It changed the fortune
As jabulani swings and dances in air
Those who protects the goal line
They are on their toes

Trying to outsmart this untamed monster
As those who strike it
Stike with a hope than confidence
Most of the time it goes high or wide
When it is on target
It’s time for gloves to pluck it safely
But a hopeful friendly shot
Went straight to the green’s delightful gloves
But evaded it  after touching it gently
Then went racing to cross the goal line
As he tried in vain to snatch it back
His team dropped two points
He lost his place
A bad day in the office
It’s a cruel job
He never gets the accolades
When he pulls of all kind of acrobatic saves
But for one mistake
Everyone screams for his blood
That’s the fate of a keeper
Strikers can get away with misses
Everyone forgets it when they score
But a fumble
It can cost a keeper his dreams


Anto said...

Yes the jabulani ball has become a nightmare to all, the keepers and the strikers. I also agree that the keeper has one of the toughest job, one mistake will get him hated by the whole nation.

Nithin R S said...

No long ranger goal has been there yet in this world cup somehow.Well,thanks for your comments.