1 Jun 2010


This is a storm before
The rain of joy
Your silence will tame
When the smiles burst
Your Tears will dry before
The sun shines

You may be walking
Through summers of past
And Living through
Colours of lost dreams
And Swimming through
The lake of hope
To snatch back all that
Flew past your heart

You gotta fly away from your past
Towards a new destiny
You gotta dream something new
That’s so exciting

You gotta fight for a new dawn in life
To show your courage
As there are some people
Who consider you as a sour loser
Writing you off as a failure
They find joy in mocking and teasing you
But you can leave them speechless
As you walk past them
With the wand of glories
That they could never even dream

Stick to your likes
Build your life around it
You will see your life blooming
With the joy you never experience before
There is a reason for every life
Search for your reason
You will find it


Amritbir Kaur said...

"To snatch back all that
Flew past your heart"..how true!
We all tend to do that...we want to hold on to the reigns of past, and don't move forward.
A wonderful poem..thanks for sharing.

manojsengar said...

its cool one..

Nithin R S said...

Thanks for comments,amritbir and manoj