28 Jun 2010

A never-ending wait

Sitting in the verandah
A dad was in thoughts
A dilapidated cycle hung from the roof
A reminiscent of a colorful past
It’s three years
Since his son got nabbed
Still got the hope of his return soon
Police nabbed him as a suspected rebel
In the eyes of rebels
He was an informer
Caught in between two warring fronts
Like him, many poor people are struggling
Living in fear
No justice
No help towards freedom
Death or life at somebody’s mercy
Join a front
It’s a risk
Cos informers are deep-rooted within village
A life without peace or aim
Survival is the only dream
But that dream soured
As the son finally got released
Rebels took their turn to nab him
Charged him with crime of informing
Executed without mercy
I wonder what sort of revolution is this!
They fight for the so-called poor
They terrorize the same poor
They kill the same poor mercilessly
What crime did those poor people commit?
No one has answer
In few days that dad will know
That his son won’t come back ever
He lived with one hope until now
Return of his beloved son
Who will answer for his broken dreams?
Can anyone give him back the soul?
That he took care for so many years
Now he face the lonely old age without support
Those who can’t see the pain of a dad
They can’t be humans
They are just butchers of innocent people
For their selfish glory

This poem is about a real life incident.There are many families in that part of the world who are facing this situation,caught in between rebels and authorities.Suspected by both parties,and they pay the price for being innocent.

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